Is shadow banning a thing on steemit?


Of course it is, there is a whole list.
Redeemers Irredeemables

But that is outright abuse mitigation.
Not all bad.

This, however, seems to be malicious.
Screenshot 27.png

Here is the link:

Here is the body and title of the post:

Why you shouldn't support the whalevoters and gangs.

When a whale votes, everybody else's vote loses power.

If a whale votes with enough sp to take up 10% of the votes cast on any given day, that 10% comes at the cost of everybody else that voted.

The only way to spread the math out is if the very largest whales don't vote.

If you join one of the gangs to be better rewarded what eventually happens is only gang members get rewards.

Did you notice the drop off in rewards when they came on the scene?  I did.

If you are gonna delegate sp to somebody, pick somebody you like and delegate it to them.

If your posts are not getting rewarded, work harder, or longer.

When you buy votes from the whales all you are doing is making them even more powerful, if they voted their full weight our votes are diminished in proportion.

They can literally suck up the pool in such a way that nobody continues to play.

If only one minnow votes, the entire reward pool goes to that vote.

If a minnow votes and a whale votes each vote is given weight in proportion to the sp balances of the voters.

So, if the whale votes 89% of the sp in the pool then the minnow's vote is 11%

You can see how quickly the largest whales voting causes their influence to overwhelm the minnows'.

This is the same math that occurs when you join in the gangs, when they vote enough sp the minnows at the bottom of the influence ladder get knocked off.

Personally I am looking forward to the day that all these intiatives disband and disburse their sp to their respective members.

On that day the whole will have taken back it's power from those that think ganging up to have more power is ideal.

Can't imagine why stinc would want to ban that link from their frontend, can you?

Here is the proof of what some of us have known for some time now, stinc is intent on forcing their world view on everybody that uses their platform.
They do not walk the decentralized walk.
Free speech is not their goal.
If you don't brown nose them they will break your links.

That has been common knowledge for some time, but here is proof of my very own.

I've made this post on Tuesday the 13th of August and put it in my steempeak queue.
The experiment will be to see if this post is still 'broken' when this post posts.


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Well I'm 6 or so minutes late to the scene, but the link was up for me.

May be something on your end?

20.08.2019 14:07

I've been monitoring that link for the last ten days.
I checked it last night to confirm I should let this post post today.
I had feeling it would come back when this post hit the chain, and viola!

It's no secret that stinc is shady, this just adds to the list.

20.08.2019 14:49

I don't think you understand what shadowbanning is. That looks like a regular 404 page, but of course it works on my end (I literally tested it within the minute of this post's publishing).

20.08.2019 14:11

Yes, I thought the same.
Just an api issue.
Until I checked it over the last ten days.
Suddenly, today, it reappears.
I'll continue t check it over the next couple weeks.

20.08.2019 14:51

Why? What are you checking?

20.08.2019 14:55

To see if the link goes back to not loading.

20.08.2019 15:07

Obviously, but I meant why are you checking that, what are you really checking?

20.08.2019 15:16

What am I really checking?
Clearly, you have something in mind.

20.08.2019 16:09

Me? As if I wrote "Is Shadowbanning a thing on steemit" and basically tried to say that steemit is banning your content through their nodes, exhibit A is a regular 404 page that ironically is only served to you.

20.08.2019 20:07

I can't help it if it works today.
I can only state that it hasn't worked as late as last night.
I've been checking the post since 10 days ago.
I decided to make a post about it last Tuesday.
That post was allowed to post after checking last night that the link was still broken.

The experiment will conclude in a few weeks from now when the post either loads or doesn't load.
I will notify you of the results, if you like.

20.08.2019 21:07

The point isn't that it works today, but the reason why it doesn't work, correct? So when you put together an accusatory spiel and try to offer your damming evidence don't mind all the people who are skeptical about your conclusions, just keep at it I'm sure evil is afoot as well, a massive conspiracy!

21.08.2019 01:55


21.08.2019 03:36

@baah is a total idiot. I suggest putting him on ignore.

22.08.2019 21:38

Nah, he's alright.
Just really passionate about being correct.

23.08.2019 01:31

Riddle me this: how do you "shadowban" on an open source frontend?

The premise that steemit does not care about free speech as they are head developer of the most popular censorship resistant social media and maintain an open source repository of the running front end is preposterous to say the least. It's mild though compared to the other stories people maintain on here like Censorship, but it's the same class of unsubstantiated, unfounded accusations that implicate an effort to bamboozle people by the largest stakeholders.

20.08.2019 14:24

I think @freebornangel is referring to how some accounts, @thedarkoverlord is the only one I know offhand but there are more, are not shown on Steemit for whatever reason they fancy.

I'm no expert on "shadowbanning" though. I heard the term here for the first time.

20.08.2019 14:34

Shadow banning is when you don't know that you are censored / banned since to you it appears that everything is as it should be, but to everyone else you're effectively removed.

It's not "for whatever reason they fancy" either but a matter not enabling extortion, a matter of ethics.

20.08.2019 15:11

They fancy not enabling extortion. Any ethic is little more than what the expositor wants or wants to see in the world.

It seems I may have been wrong about his reference, in light of this definition.

20.08.2019 15:56

wow I can find that account with Steemworld but nowhere else.

Ha thats what we need to have done with the big bad wolf then lol

21.08.2019 02:25

With your node.

Clearly, stinc has supported favorable speech, and not speech they didn't like.
That isn't an easy thing to avoid.
How many mutes do you have?
Nobody likes hearing things that don't conform to their confirmation biases.

@curie, and others, told me that my speech would never find favor here.
That hasn't proven 100% true, but without tsu's support I would be much less visible.

20.08.2019 14:57

So this is the "gathering evidence" stage of your investigation, because if you plan on submitting this nonsense as evidence I'll tell you right now that you ain't got shit and save us all the hassle of polluting the chain with another "steemit" conspiracy thread nil evidence.

20.08.2019 15:15

How much evidence do I need outside my own personal experience that the link won't load for me?

Do you presume that somebody competent enough to break the link would be incompetent at deflecting attention from having done so?

20.08.2019 16:08

Evidence? You're already convinced that someone is out to get ya, and so it doesn't matter what I presume but what you do. You call a broken page evidence of what exactly?

20.08.2019 20:02

You call a broken page evidence of what exactly?

The link not loading.

It's the content not loading that raises my hackles.

20.08.2019 21:03

Yeah and you tried to dwindle down the probable cause before you went about putting Scooby-Doo narratives together?

21.08.2019 01:46

It is no big reveal that stinc is shady.

21.08.2019 03:35

Yeah, repeat the same bullshit enough that it stops being bullshit.

21.08.2019 04:16

Lol, it only needs the seeds of truth.

When stinc does something deserving of a change in reputation, they will get it.

21.08.2019 04:31

O yeah, I'm sure there's a nugget of truth somewhere in that shitpile you serve regularly about steemit and I'm not only being sarcastic as all hell.


Tell me again why you slander steemit, tell me again why did you write that Garbage slanderous idiocy about steemit being for censorship or having an agenda? What nuggets of truth did you squeeze that out of?

21.08.2019 15:56

The nugget of truth is that until I served this 'steeming shitpost' my link wouldn't load for over a week, and an undetermined number of months before that.
The post consisted of negative content about how the whales were sucking up all the pool.
Had the post been about how I love sucking the golden balls of an all powerful god I might not have alluded to the same connotations.

As it is now, I have to regularly check to see if my links are again broken.

I'm not breaking the links, you are not breaking the links, that doesn't leave too many suspects, does it?
There is no question that stinc has a long history of favoring only favorable speech, quick as they break my link again I will let you know.

My question now is, why do you care?

21.08.2019 17:39

The nugget of truth is pure unadulterated circumstantial supposition, nothing more. You neither narrowed down anything regarding it or offered anything to validate the incessant slander you publish regularly regarding steemit. There is no question? Really? Obviously you took the line about repeating bullshit as a way of operating not as ridicule of your imbecilic slanderous nonsense, because to you, it's already settled m, regardless that you have absolutely fucking nothing to substantiate your claims with. "a long history".. What a load of pure bullshit.

Why do you care what I care about? I don't think you care, I think you've been thoroughly exposed, exposed as a spreader of bullshit, exposed as a peddler of slanderous accusations without any proof to support them, you've been exposed as a hopeless loon seeking to push Scooby-Doo narratives about the development behind the most popular censorship resistant social media network that have absolutely no merit.

22.08.2019 00:03

I'm the one with the made up mind?

Again, content adverse to stinc was a broken link for more than a week.
I made a post about it and viola! my post becomes visible again and I suddenly I have a true beliber belaboring me about facts, but ignoring the already presented ones.


22.08.2019 01:30

Facts? You blatantly claimed that steemit shadowban, which is ridiculous in it of itself and like I said preposterous, what they did was blacklist certain accounts that had absolutely nothing to do with steemit or their "political" or other such "agendas", some were blacklisted because they spammed, others because they tried to extort. You though are slandering the development and are literally gathering evidence over something that you no shit Sherlock, obviously are completely confident in, and there's no question about it and I can literally find more slanderous nonsense on your blog than I can find chbartist posts on trending, so a long history indeed. You can call me a true believer and pretend that calling for you to substantiating claims you make is some kind of attack but you ain't got anywhere to hide, take your ad hominems and pack up shop, you've been confronted for the FUD, exposed as without any merit and just as you tried to evade substantiating your shit by trying to make it about me, expect that same backfiring for any more bullshit.

So, exactly what facts did you present that you acuse me of ignoring and what makes you say so? Hmmm.. Another classic claim without validity.

22.08.2019 02:07

Ok, I'm a loon
Caveat emptor.

22.08.2019 02:17

Yeah very easy to avoid the burden of proof, let's just change the conversation to who you are, changing it to why I'm here sure as shit didn't work so you think that you might as well try to agree for the sake of avoiding what your mouth burdened your ass with, that will work, then you surely won't have to answer for slandering steemit and I'll just jump at the misdirection with glee because fuck all you take me for.

22.08.2019 02:33

What's the matter, baah? Did your parade get rained on?
You running short on folks to entertain you?

Perhaps you would like to reconcile my being a loon with absurd claims with no backing while calling those claims slanderous.
They can't be both.

22.08.2019 02:57

Why should I care to reconcile your claims, I don't care what you think about you and I don't care to know. O yeah, you think that little of me, next you'll try and ask me for negative proof, shit, you consider me a true beliber for daring to confront you and demand proof for your claims,i wouldn't put it past someone so exposed to resort to anything and everything to avoid their burden.

22.08.2019 03:34

Until I can prove that steemit does not shadowban we will just say that they do, because fuck all sense.

22.08.2019 03:36


22.08.2019 01:31

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22.08.2019 01:31

Boycott Steemit!

Use Steempeak

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20.08.2019 14:52

Lol, I was using steemd to go through my old posts and it links to steemit, or I would have missed this.

20.08.2019 15:08

The site has been glitchy lately. I have run into that page on a few in my feed, and some that do open don't display the comments and I have had to go to the authors replies to read them. While it is true I follow some who would be of a nature to irritate Stinc with their constant jabs, I have to point out that although they are flagged heavily (which is great promotion as many like myself HAVE to read it now) they are still here shit posting and whales several times per day. I'm actually surprised they haven't been outright banned.

Just guessing, but possible this is tied to adjustments they may be making for the upcoming fork.

20.08.2019 21:23

I will know more in a week, if the link goes down again.
Stinc has earned their reputation, when they do something to change it, it will change.
The fact they chose abusers over regular users will not change, but it is possible stinc pulls their heads out.
I won't be holding my breath.

21.08.2019 04:29

Yeah, who hasn't earned unadulterated slander ranging from kook conspiracy of them being evil to simply downright incompetent scammers, all neatly broached by the same common thread: when asked for proof it's all "you're a shill" or "true beliber", and everything to that effect.

Nothing like more slander to try and avoid the burden of proof.

The fact they chose abusers over regular users will not change

Yeah you'll make sure to remind everyone of their choices, but do conveniently leave out any kind of meaningful reference so people know what exactly the so important choices were.

22.08.2019 02:25

I'm a crank, baah.
1.3m steem users do not gaf.
You got to decide your truth for you, if you ju,p to any conclusions based on my rhetoric, that is on you, imo.

Pick a thread, please.

22.08.2019 03:13

In my left hand I'm still holding you to substantiate your slander regarding steemit, but now in my other hand I'm holding you to substantiate your slander regarding steemit, both my hands are grasping to the same thing: unsubstantiated slanderous bullshit regarding steemit. You seem to be of the mind that you're entitled by your character to do so but I'm here to tell you that no one deserves your treatment.

22.08.2019 03:27

Ok, you done now?

22.08.2019 15:28


22.08.2019 21:04

Yes it is.

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21.08.2019 02:59

Not as much of a shadowban when the list is publicly available and the accounts on the list are large abusers who have broken the TOS.
As for the robot page, that was a bug which I believe has been resolved. It also caused comments to be hidden from a lot of posts.

23.08.2019 06:45

Hmm,...the timing is close.
I checked the post before going to bed on monday night and the link was back when I checked it on tuesday.
I will be checking again as we go forward.
We might get more bugs.

23.08.2019 06:56