Are you ready to get your genetic engineering on?

Well, if you are then you are in luck.
The Odin at as just introduced gmo art!

By manipulating genes in bacteria you can use a petri dish as your canvas.
Who knows, you might cure cancer, too?



Now, I know some of you are running morons with to much power scenarios in your mind, it occurred to me, too.
The question you have to ask yourself is if you would rather that this technology was only known by those that will kill us to control us.
If you want freedom on your list of options, it has to include letting this technology out into the open.

'You can't trust freedom, when it's not in your hands.' Axl Rose

Freedom is not always pretty, but it is what got us to here.
Would we have the flashylight boxes to communicate with if the power control freaks had had their way?
Why do you figure they erected hurdles to reaching the masses?

Lucky us, they can't control the interwebz, totally.
We are at the cusp of an advance in human beings that will set the tone for the future.

If your initial reaction to this post is to crush it before a moron sees it, you are the problem.

Stop being a control freak, eh?
It's not going to work out.
You can try to enslave us with your awesome powers of control, but in the end, freedom will be found, if only where you and your thugs are not.

Better we get a handle on what is occurring here.
The only answer to gmo's in the hands of bad people is good people with gmo tech in their hands.

Think of the crop circles this will make!

I hope you stem folks will reach out to Josiah, I think he needs some support in his efforts to bring this tech to the world.

So far, I have been unsuccessful at getting him to join us on steem.

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People are too dumb.. new natural selection

21.08.2019 14:15

It looks like natural selection is gonna speed up, and not be so natural.

21.08.2019 17:28

the black age (golden, silber, bronze, black) is also being sped up

21.08.2019 20:20