The Purpose Of Living Simple..!!

It is rightly said by "Leonardo Da Vinci",
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Most of the people these days have forgotten the value and beauty simplicity holds and are sticking to unreal and modern thinking. They are unaware of the fact, that to lead a successful life, it is essential to adhere to the principle of "Simple Living High Thinking." They are unaware that simple living is one of those traits that makes an individual cordial and liked by all. Only when an individual adopts simplicity, he gets the actual values, stable mindfulness, and way of life.


In human lifestyle, simplicity denotes freedom from psychological distractions and excessive possessions. It refers to a simple living style, the quality, or state of being sober. It is the ultimate essence of life to give the principal benefit of developing the ability to control your thoughts and to live a life more conducive to meditation and contemplation. It is freedom from complexity, luxury, hatred, jealousy, and extravagance.

Unfortunately, most of the people today have lost the value of simplicity and the reason to count on a simple life. It's time for people to wake up and realize that only a simple living can give a happy living. It's time for people to wake up and realize the purpose of living a simple life..!!

Why live a simple life?

Understand the essence of living simply

1. It clarifies what you need and want

ost of the people these days struggle with what they want and need, what they want to do, what they want to become, and what dream they want to fulfill. They are confused about where they want to reach, what are their long term goals, desires, fantasies, etc. They crave for stability in life and continuously search solutions for their unanswered questions.

The thing is people are so lost amidst searching for solutions, that they are unable to understand what the real problem is. The actual problem is that the people are so engrossed in adopting the modern lifestyle that they have forgotten the value of simplicity and what all it takes to get a good life. The modern amenities of life like smartphones, television, video games have distracted people from their goal to a great extent and made their path of life so unclear.

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Not only modern gadgets but the way people live today have also distracted their life to a great extent. For example - earlier school students used to finish their homework, say essay writing, all by themselves by putting all the soul and efforts into it. Today, school students immediately search the web regarding information about their school homework.

It is not that the internet facilities are disagreeable. The facilities are pleasant, but here also the students are taking extra advantages of the services and are indulging into the habit of copy-pasting. Ultimately, they are ruining their long term future growths.


ndsn't distract you from your path of life, makes you understand the difference between right and wrong. Being simple adds beauty to your life perspective and gives you a clear vision of goals and ambitions.


he about nothing.

You don't need that.

The need to being consistently distracted and entertained may mean that you are running away from yourself.

Face reality and ask yourself: How can I be clear on my goals? How can I improve my situation? How can I achieve stability i life.

## Desiges me happy? After that, you can now.



When you attain the meaning of simplicity and focus on living a simple life, you count on the blessings in your life rather than complaining about what you do not have. Yes, this is the beauty of simplicity. It makes you feel positive rather than turning you to the negative areas.

Simplicity lets you focus on what you gain, not on what you are not able to manage. You may opt less in some areas to make room for more in others. For example - you may choose less of some activity, stuff to give space to relations and connections in life.

Design a simple life. Start here. Start now.


So yes, it's time for you to get rid of the excess and focus on the essential things in life. It's up to you to design the life of your choice, a life of less and more, less of what you don't love, more of what you do. It's a continuous process, and we all are in it together.

To attain continuous success, lead a life of simplicity. Look for simple things, simple activities, simple way of living. However, being simple does not mean you have to look and dress like people of the previous century, or think like them. Simplicity means freeing yourself from the emotions of hatred, jealousy, arrogance, and anger along with standing side by side with the modern world and work on a stabilized philosophy.

Hope you all enjoyed the post..

*Much Love

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