Control By Restriction

Control By Restriction

I am in the USA, so I guess I can say that my main focus here is on our internet restrictions. But I think the idea of internet restrictions being even slightly different in different areas of the world may not actually provide the contrast the discussion seeks. Free speech is already under attack in the United States. The attack is a shock to most Americans, as our freedoms have always been fully secured.

Until now.


When we’re discussing internet restrictions, there is no internet restriction that is more threatening to humanity than restrictions aimed at attempting to criminalize free speech.

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Who is attacking free speech in America? Google primarily, in my opinion, followed by the social media giants, print, radio and TV media, some of our lawmakers and of course, their citizen followers.

What kind of free citizen attacks free speech rights in their own country you might ask? (If you wish to describe this type of citizen to aid in our understanding, please, feel free to do so in the comments.)

It’s not only America under attack though. Google’s collaboration on developing censorship algorithms with Communist China certainly should cause us to question their appreciation of our freedoms in general, but it’s clear from this that they have absolutely no reverence whatsoever, for the right of people to speak freely.

If America ever lost its free speech rights, then shortly thereafter there would be no free speech anywhere on planet earth. And don’t look out the window too often if that idea scares you, because we’re nearly there now.


Google’s motto used to be, “Don’t Be Evil.” Then, what do you know - they removed that as their motto. This act alone, in my opinion, says quite a bit about Google’s current status as to their moral character. They obviously have none.

If you conclude that a motto like “Don’t Be Evil” has to be ditched because it’s just not you, or makes you look bad, then a logical public observation might be that you now ARE being evil, and the other thing was just a scab that eventually fell off along the way.

Wanting desperately to land the gig of helping Communist China censor its huge population of slaves “citizens,” Google has been involved up to its neck in the project. Lobbying and trying to sell the same censoring algorithms to free countries to use against their citizens also, seems to be a pretty damned evil thing to do, doesn’t it?

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Google, being a global company under a global corporation, (but still considered a U.S. firm), tries to provide itself a cover of goodness that doesn’t fit, and that it doesn’t deserve. As I asked above, what kind of citizen wishes to destroy his or her own right to speak freely about anything?

The answer is, ”No good citizen in their right mind would demand to lose their free speech rights.” Why, the very idea that people would be against speaking their minds is absurd!

Because of this, there is no “divide” in internet restrictions country by country, because Google has some control over what any and all countries allow their citizens to see. How would you know that you aren’t being censored as heavily as the Chinese people? Just what aren’t you seeing?

Do you know? Can you know? It’s not likely, especially if you just normally lap up whatever Google thinks you should have and don’t ask many questions… not even the “stupid” ones. But the stupidest question, as in many cases, is the one not asked.


Google doesn’t really like it when you ask. Citizen Google, like a lot of mega-wealthy, entitled “elitist” citizens, looks down upon you as though you are a pest; like a fly buzzing around their head. So they will either feed you some line of BS, or nicely tell you to GFY, if you dare ask.

Google doesn’t have to answer to the likes of you. They own you - it’s not the other way around.

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The United States Supreme Court some years ago ruled that corporations are citizens. So we have a so-called “citizen” that goes by the name of Google, and this citizen wants to keep (and expand) his rights, but take some of yours away. Then, take more and more.

Internet restrictions in the U.S. are increasing all the time, with the heads of the Big Tech and social media companies seemingly intent on directing the narrative of everything in the U.S., and by association, any other country that currently at least still infers that it has the right of free speech.

We don’t even know when we are being censored and/or manipulated, as they’ve figured out ways to make it seem like everything is normal, while they hide your words from others, and others’ words from you. As long as no one knows something isn’t right, no one will complain.

Complaining will get you squat anyway.

Most anyone in the world can see what’s happening here in America with these Big Tech boys. Big tech and social media are clearly manipulating and censoring anything that doesn’t fit in with what they desire people see. It’s unforgivable that a free country would allow its citizens to be censored or have things hidden from their eyes, but it’s happening nonetheless.

The thing with the United Sates is that the information on what Google is doing doesn’t get mentioned on the evening news, or in the newspaper, or in the newspaper’s website. So unless people in America actually go looking for the incriminating evidence, they won’t have a clue of what’s going on.

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The Big Tech corporations have begun to think that they deserve to hold power over citizens. They think they should be our leaders… our president, our prime minister, our chief executive, however you want to label it, they want global power!

God help us if they ever get it.

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