Yogi squat yoga figure / yoga squat

This exercise is very good for the mobility. Not only does it train the muscles in the legs, arms and back, but it also has a good stretching exercise.

You start the exercise in the wide-legged stance. Now you can stretch your hands as if praying and slowly go to your knees.

If you are in the pose you can hold it for 20 seconds and then repeat the exercise with the other side of the body.

The challenge in this exercise is to hold the position.

Here are 3 possible difficulty levels:

Simple: The exercise is performed on a wall so that the back is supported on the wall.

Medium: Perform the exercise as described above.

Hard: When you go to your knees you take 2-3 breaks (25% / 50% / 75%) and keep them. Say one moves 25% and stops and holds the pose with 50% and 75% the same.

This is especially exhausting and helps with body control.

You should keep your back straight during the exercise. You should also breathe calmly and evenly.

Have fun with the exercise


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Comments 3

Good strengthening and stretch. Tough one

21.07.2019 20:00

& u can eventually get your butt even lower to the ground as long as the heels stay down & back stays straight 👍
I love the yogi squat for ankle & hip flexibility

21.07.2019 20:23

enjoy ZZAN~!

21.07.2019 21:25