Yoga Tree Vrksasana 2

This exercise is inspired by the Tree Yoga Pose (Vrksasana). It differs in so far as one stretches the hands over the head and does not bend the leg but keeps free.

To the exercise:

First, you stand straight. Then you stretch your hands over your head and interlock your fingers.

Now comes the balance part. Now stand on one leg and slowly move the foot of the other leg towards the hip.

When you arrive in the final position, you can hold these 20 seconds. Then you should repeat the exercise with the other side of the body.

The exercise is suitable for advanced as it requires a bit of practice.

It is suitable for exercising and improving the balance of the body.

Have fun with the yoga exercise


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Comments 4

I love how this pose elongates the body, it definitely feels good for my back... but I so struggle with the balance part of this pose.

07.07.2019 16:03

that's just a matter of practice. If you try it on a regular basis you will also see progress quickly, I think

07.07.2019 16:59

Looks like a good pose for strength and balance

08.07.2019 21:32

its a really good one for balance

09.07.2019 19:44