Overview 15 stretching and yoga exercises for beginners and advanced

Here 15 different yoga and stretching exercises that are suitable for beginners and advanced. These are ideal to carry out at home. Under each exercise is a link that leads to a description of each exercise. Of course everything on Steem.

It makes sense to include these into an existing training or to perform them purely.

Because it is some exercises, it is possible to make the workout as varied as possible. Soon, a few training plans will follow.

Yoga leg stretching exercise


Body tension training Yoga exercise


Yoga warm-up hands to toes


Yoga exercise: squat


Yogi squat 2 yoga figure


Yogi squat yoga figure / yoga squat


Yoga exercise: Big lunge of hands and feet on the same level


Yoga exercise: Deep lunge with lateral rotation


Leg and butt yoga training


Yoga belly training Exercise body weight training


Big Lunge Yoga exercise


Yoga "the cube figure". Balance training


Yoga Balance Exercise "standing on one leg"


Yoga Tree Vrksasana 2


The boat yoga figure, full body exercise


To perform the exercises you need only a mat, the best is a sports or yoga mat and a little motivation.

Since the exercises are different demanding, you should start with which one you feel the best. So you can gradually try out the different exercises and increase.

It is important to know that no master has fallen from the sky. With regular training you will also see fast and steady progress.

In the near future training plans will follow, with which the training can be more structured.

For those who are more experienced, there will be some heavy exercises in the near future :)

If you are interested in yoga exercises for the office, you can go here 11 yoga exercises for the office.

Enjoy the training


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Very useful. Resteemed

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Awesome post! Keep sharing all the great yoga poses, they are needed now more than ever with the state of peoples health these days. I know it seems like no one is paying attention sometimes but dont worry, if you stay on the steem blockchain long enough eventually it will catch on ;)
Have you joined @actifit yet? I only ask because You could probably sell yoga classes in exchange for AFIT tokens on that platform.. just a thought. Let me know if your interested and I will send you a sign up link and more details. Take care friend :0)

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thank you,

Idea is good with actifit, but not at the moment for me :)

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Good positions. Do you recommend doing these all in one flow, like in the same order you posted them?

27.07.2019 09:51

In principle yes, but I would recommend that you mix the order, so it goes not that fast boring.

27.07.2019 09:56