2 minutes daily yoga workout "after wake up"

Here is a workout that you can do every day and for that you actually have to invest only 2 minutes after getting up.

The advantage is quite clear, so you wake up before coffee and showers and can start your day healthy and fit.

It is easy to integrate into everyday life and good for concentration.

To the mini stretching workout "after getting up":

  1. Hold the Yoga Squad position for 30 seconds
  2. 30 seconds the boat pose
  3. Planking for 30 seconds
  4. stand on one leg for 30 seconds (each side 15 seconds)

The exercises are simple and well suited for beginners. Especially if you want to bring a little sport into everyday life.

But even for advanced athletes, the exercises are positive for health every morning after getting up.

Important is the regular, preferably daily training.

I hope you like the training,


PS: The pictures and description of the individual exercises can be found directly below

If you like, resteem would be really cool :)





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good training. thank you
enjoy ZZAN

14.08.2019 00:03

Good idea! Resteemed and sent Yoo my kids!

14.08.2019 02:19

Good Morning!
Carpe diem
Enjoy your day ;)
Thanks for the inspiration

14.08.2019 07:11

I think I can spare 2 minutes, nice approachable yoga post. Thx

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14.08.2019 08:14

Got here 6 months too late for the UpVote but I'm going to go ahead and get this reSteemed anyway; thanks to SteemPeak ; )
I highly regard your work and as a chronic pain sufferer, I've recovered from multiple hip, back, neck, shoulder, and head issues... thanks to Yoga!



31.01.2020 18:28


I'm glad you like it. Yoga is a great full body workout and helps to stay fit :)

Namaste @freddio

01.02.2020 02:30