Your Top 3 Contest: February Love, Date Night Ideas

Hello everyone and welcome to another month of #yourtop3 contest, where we ask to tell us about you favorite thing according to the topic of the month. This month, being February, is popularly known for love, romance...and other things I will not mention...

@plantstoplanks, @nickyhavey, @cheese4ead and I (panel members) have given you all the sweet, sweet details that you need to know in this post right here. So if you are feeling the love tonight (and any other night till the 9th), you might want to take up the chance to join in. Besides, sharing your idea on how you can show someone you love them can definitely be useful to some that are lacking ideas.

Letting you know that this post does not count as an entry because I am a panel member, note that the rewards will go towards the prize pool! That counts as love, right?

Love! love love love love lob lob lob blob blob lob.

Many forms of it all over the world but sometimes it feels like there just isn't enough in many ways. So how about I change that a bit in the post?

This woman behind the screen, typing up this blog wont bring you something so traditional. No. I like things that are thrilling and exciting! So it does sometimes become difficult in how to change things up when there could be so many ideas that would be amazing to have happen all at once. Although that would be like having the appetizers, salad, main dish and dessert all at once. Although sometimes I like to have dessert first 😜

Although I do tend to enjoy an old fashion drive in movies, where we can enjoy a new movie on a big screen with a bit more privacy, my romantic side likes to go a bit darker. Now I haven't touched romance in a long time so please bear with me.

It's always nice to have a movie night with cuddles and relaxation, popping on the old romance movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula; a man's love is so strong that he curses God and becomes 'cursed' in becoming a vampire, and lives through the centuries only to find his long lost love once again. A love that lasted through time and starts again and has to fight for it, only to die in the end. Romantique, n'est ce pas?

But what could be so thrilling and dark for this gothic girl? Good question!

#1. Surprises

I love surprises. Not the ones where a bouquet flowers are brought to me and surprise! I like flowers to be in the ground. I like the element of surprise, something that would scare me. I know this sounds weird but hear me out...errr... read me out?

I'm good at scaring people, more like surprise, making people scream kind of scare. But because of this, I have become immune to it. It's been so long since someone has ever scared me, if it's ever happened actually, that I don't even think I can scream. I would love for someone to scare me and then surprise me with something in the end. Anything. It would be hard to pull off, so if the person has succeeded, the thrill of being surprised would make my heart race, definitely more ways than one 😁

SΓ©ance date night at an old cementary? Oh how thoughtful of you! Black and red rose petals by the old decrepit tree and blood red wine to pair with the evening. Who shall we talk to tonight? I'm sure no one has visited aunt Agnes in 50 years. Perhaps the man that passed away in an asylum, I bet he has a lot of stories to share.

Oh... I forgot I was doing a lovey dovey post.

#2. Supper In Nature

Thought the above would have been my #2? NAH! But close to it. Yes the trees in the scenery come to play though. How nice would it be to get away from the screen life and enjoy a lovely supper outside in nature, in the shade of a tree, watching the sun do its eternal rotation in the west (sunset). A true moment to connect to one another and feel the freeing energy of nature, being still to hear the songs of mosquitoes and black flies.... yeah I wish I could say birds and such but I live right by the forest so lets be real. Unless it's in a screen tent, this wont happen. But one could dream.

For the last part, I must step out of my own inner thoughts of romance and come back to a place that screams family. As some of you know, I am a mother of 3 children and one of the biggest things to show kids, which can prove to be hard to teach is love and compassion. When young kids already struggle with their own emotions, wants and needs, it can be hard to teach them to think of others when they think so much of themselves a lot of the times. This takes me to my 3rd favorite.

#3. Kids group activities

A bit vague because there is so much that can be done. With kids we can do so much like arts and crafts and baking desserts for our friends and family. But I would rather put the kids in a sharing situation where they must share and rely on each other. Where they could build their relationship with siblings and friends and create a bond where a friend could be called brother/sister. In a northern town, February puts us in late winter, the coldest month of the season and so most times we don't want to go outside. But when we do, just that makes us think of each other by making sure we are all warm, what can we do to stay warm and what does it take apart from going inside. Build a fort, build a snowman, something where we are all building and moving to stay warm, yet each person has a job so that it all comes together. Then we head inside, drink hot chocolate and chat about the whole event.

Seeing kids do that warms my heart and makes me feel like I am doing something right. Kids are everything and doing this teaches them so much, and letting them do things on their own teaches us so much and we can be surprised at what they can accomplish together.

In February, we give extra show to those we love and we also expect to receive it as well. Every now and then it is nice to challenge ourselves to show a little extra love for one another, unexpectedly. It takes us out of routine and adds a little spark and warm smiles to our lives.

What are your top 3 things to do for a date night with your spouse, family and friend? It can be anything that would just make things special for that someone you care about πŸ™‚

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Of course there had to be a bit of vampire with the Queen of Darkness writing about her Top 3 favourite date nights! Some very interesting ideas going on around he....BOO! πŸ‘» Surprised? Scared 😜 No? Look outside your front wind now...

Just kidding, I'm not there, I'm still typing this comment mwahaha! 😈

Strong start here... I'm going to have to scrape the rust off and see if there's any romance under there... but I'll probably have a "wishlist" rather than the conventional ideas πŸ˜†

03.02.2020 19:22

It'll take a little bit more than that for a spook. And if I did see you outside my window, I would be surprised! Even probably scream as someone so awesome would be visiting me! Well not so much a scream I don't think but an EEK! for sure.

Fantasies Wishlists are good to have every now and then. They can spark things up when we least expect it :D

03.02.2020 22:57

Way to kick things off! Definitely some good ideas in the mix. I bet it would be fun to try to surprise you, though I might have to steel my nerves for a few of those ideas, haha. Love the dinner outside idea, too. Just light a few citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes at bay. I would totally tag along for the kid date as that sounds like a lot of fun. I love watching their little minds work through tasks or just work up their imagination at play. Makes me feel like a kid again myself. The best times with my niece are definitely getting outside and just exploring. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, the gift of time is the most priceless gift of all! I imagine this one should get the wheels turning for our monthly contestants. I better get to work on my own... ;)

03.02.2020 20:30

I like the way you think! Everything you say here is the same for me. Time is the only element that we cannot buy or get back, we can only spend. I would rather have something happen outside without anything spent except for what we create as a snack or a meal at home, and take the day away from it all.

Citronella wouldn't last long enough for where I am. Need more bats and frogs lol. Maybe that could be a romantic gesture, get a bat pet :P

I'm heading over to your post now! I cant wait to read it as we think alike on some things, so would be refreshing to have non-dark ideas :P

03.02.2020 23:14

Hey @foxyspirit - sending you bats and frogs from my house to yours. Especially for Valentine's!

I loved this and I especially liked the meal analogy (of course!) I do hope that someone surprises you so much that you squeal with pleasure!

A friend of mine - a single mom - every Valentine's day would bake a heart-shaped cake that she'd share with her kid. She was doing it well into their teenage years. I thought it a lovely tradition. Makes me wonder if she still does it now that she's a granny.

And what you and @plantstoplanks said about time? You are so right. I am hoping to get my post out. It will be a nod to a 20th anniversary.

04.02.2020 06:38


Thank you dear friend, and yes the meal does sound really wonderful. Wait... do you mean at the cemetery ? :P

That sounds like good times to make heart shaped cakes. I really should bake more with my kids. I am really stuck up with hygiene when baking, and I struggle with letting kids do baking because of. Yes I wash their hands but you know, the clothes, the clothes get dirty when playing, and then Frankie licking everything as she makes something. Its not easy lol.

Time is something else. I wrote a whole blog just about time. I think you would agree with it. Was in my earlier young Steemit days when I wrote it. :P

04.02.2020 23:58

I am absolutely all over your number 1 pick there. 100%. 110% even. Without a doubt.


04.02.2020 13:52

AWWW! You would make the misses so happy doing that! Well at least I think so if you would. :D

04.02.2020 23:51

Great choices, Foxy. I always expect something interesting and a bit different from you. Your dark side shines out, if that makes any sense! I've always felt a little awkward around surprises, whether giving or receiving. The meal out in nature sounds fun, as long as it's not too dark! ;) Finally, doing anything with your kids is a special time. Once you have them, date night usually includes them and rightly so.

Nice job.


05.02.2020 08:01

This puts a big smile on my face! It's my pleasure to give something different :D And ya it kind of is shining out lol.
Yes, it usually includes kids, and I like your way of thinking. Kids have their place as well, and I know some just wouldn't accept the kids during date time. But when a woman has kids, it isn't just the woman you're with. It's a package deal lol.

Thanks for your support! xx

05.02.2020 13:20

All top notch and Interesting picks.

07.02.2020 00:19


09.02.2020 12:53

If I watch a scary movie with the hubs, I end up snuggled into his armpit for the majority. It's good for the hugs, that's for sure!!

I miss my boy being little - it was definitely fun hanging out with him and doing fun things. Now, I have to pay for his dinner if I catch up with him lol. Ah, I suppose it's worth it!

09.02.2020 10:18

Aw good to have snuggle times :D

I know when my kids will be all grown up that I will miss those times too. And I wouldn't mind paying a lunch if it would give me the chance to spend time. Time is the only thing we have with our children, we are all growing up, gotta make the most of it before we are gone <3

09.02.2020 12:55