We went to a bigger city

The previous day we went to a bigger city, and during this trip I made some pictures in Black and white. Outside was beautiful weather and the same cool sky that made the pictures look more cool. It is not easy to get photos when car moves, but some misty photos can look also cool.

I'm interested in what people see in my pictures.
That's why I also describe my pictures a little, it helps me understand what others think and see.
Soon I shall post new photos. In here, I use my Sony NEX-5T and sony lens 16-50 mm.








    • I'm trying to bring new pictures here every day, and that's not easy, because the images do not always want to come, sometimes I must have to be patient and wait. 
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it is 2nd time on my memory,
that you post a b-w blog!


13.07.2019 13:02

Hmmm ... No :)) ... I have maid them lot here :) ... just I did tthem in first year when I was here :) ... but soon I satrt make more :) just now I use this what I have NATURE :)

13.07.2019 14:19

yea. nature have (and gives) all of the colours. why not use it? ;-)

13.07.2019 14:28

Try all ... I like also black and white too ;)

13.07.2019 15:25