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It is a decentralized property financing, property listing, and property management platform. This is an internationally famous crowdfunding platform. It is built on an Ardor child chain. This decentralizes the trade of assets and places rental agreements, purchase agreements, property management tasks, and more on the blockchain. Thereafter you have to get a license which will help you out to create regulatory compliant assets with standardized documentation. These are available for account holders only. The most famous thing about this platform is they use MPG token as
currency. This means that you need MPG tokens to purchase anything. However, their headquarters is in the Netherlands but they have some branches in Germany and the UK. Let us identify Max crowdfund/ Max property group in detail now.


This platform is used in property management, fund management, buying, selling, renting and running a property. As I mentioned before though they have their headquarters in Netherland, they have many branches in other countries like Germany and the UK. To do a transaction, there should be a token. There are two types of tokens.

  1. The child chain's native token is called MPG: here the investors have to pay a transaction fee to get this. This works as a utility token.
  2. The standardized, regulatory compliant assets created on Max Crowdfund. This comes in handy as property fund, bond, loan note, project finance. This works as a security token.


To start your crowdfund account you should follow certain governmental regulations. Explicitly, it is necessary to comply with know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

Moreover, the customers should register with the system in order to get access to the whole system. However, in order to get a verified account, you will have to go through three main steps. They are as follows:

Level 01- CL1: You will have to provide your email address, Mobile phone, Valid ID (Passport, Photo ID, Driving license) under this clearance level.

Level 02- CL2: You will have to provide recent proof of your address as an example bank statement, Tax Identification Number (TIN) and bank account details in the name of the account holder.

Level 03- CL3: Self-Certification of HNW status or Investor Type status Steps to follow in signing up with the system are given below:

STEP 01: First you will have to create an account to start up with this platform. As the initial step enters all the details they ask for and stay patient for their verification message. Until your personal details are verified you won't be able to enter the system due to their high security.

STEP 02: You have to choose a product to invest in. You can make this decision with the advice of their team.

STEP 03: Finally, after choosing the best product to invest them you will have to do the investment. You can invest around €1,000 at the beginning.

However, by understanding and examining all the factors discussed above it is clear that Max Crowdfund / Max property group is a good international marketplace. You can get more details about them via their website

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