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Who are the BitWings, and what do they offer?

Wings mobile is a game-changing mobile company located in Spain and was founded in 2007. They have been able to reach the peak of their success within a very short time.

After moving onto a different business strategy in 2017 they simply pillared up their company in terms of success. They were able to receive the ALCI award for the “Best technological design” for their smartphones. And believe me; they reached this within a year of their strategic changes.

They offer you with the state – of – the – art mobile phones and laptops. Their products are rich in features and what else; they redefine the term security with each of their products!

To share another of their success stories, they introduced their revolutionary devices in the Mobile World Congress 2019. They got the opportunity to be presenting their device with the world giants in the mobile phone industry.

What is their ICO project?

They are not willing to stay behind just with all the other smartphone companies. They are truly a revolutionary company trying to change their game in the field as much as they can. And their newest game changer is the ICO project.

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ICO or the Initial Coin Offering project is dedicated to taking their mobile industry to combine with the cryptocurrency business. So basically, they are launching a brand – new series of smartphones that will perfectly match with the blockchain world.

What are the advantages of the ICO project?

Cryptocurrency is known to be the revolutionary undertaker of the currency in the next generation. It has almost gained popularity all over the world and many of the companies are trying to blend their products with the crypto world so that they will be not standing back when the next industrial revolution happens.

Wings are already there. They have already started this project to benefit anyone and everyone.

It does not matter whether you are a crypto miner, a high – tech advocate, a business analyst or just a person who is expecting to buy a start a business.

The few of the Minephones that are developed were all dedicated to the ICO projects first participants.

Join Bitwings ICO :

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What is this Minephone?

This is a dedicated phone for those who are already taking part or planning to join the cryptocurrency business. These are designed to mine those coins while keeping your e-wallet safe from any scammers. They have more than enough security features to make sure that your coins are safe and sound.

Providing security in the accessibility of the device, they provide the assurance that any trader or miner needs. And the Minephone WX is said to be producing more than 2 Ethereum per month!!

This high – spec mobile costs 6000 BitWings tokens. And the Safe Core OS, designed by Wings is equipped with the following features:

  • Triple factor authentication process.
  • The e – wallet is built inside the hardware cold storage.

Meet the team behind the success…

The company is included with hard – working and well-talented people, who are simply capable to think ahead of their time.

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Their founders are Antonio Milio who is the CEO and co-founder while Daniele Bianchini is the Chairman and co-founder.

Their top management includes professionals in technology, Evan Luthra who is the top advisor and tech mentor. Fabrizio Meli, the general manager.

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They also include managers in institutional relations.Their technical device director is Alessandro Traversari while their Crypto Engineer director is Cristian Castro.

Their team is included with many other professionals, who are experts in their teams. And their service in building these revolutionary products is simply un-parallel.

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