They Grow Up So Fast! (Original Photography)


For the last few weeks, I have had a family of robins living right above my apartment door. Naturally, I decided to take their photos on multiple occasions. The mother robin was extremely upset every time I came in and out of the door and was frantic when I took photos of her chicks. She, however, was the invader. She's just lucky I didn't want scrambled eggs for breakfast!

NOTE: These were taken with my Moto X4 phone camera.

Aliens! Run!]()

Because of the location of the nest on a light fixture above my door and under the eaves, there wasn't enough clearance for my Canon 7D. Getting these images involved standing precariously on a stool and blindly tapping the "shutter" spot on my mobile phone. All things considered, I think these turned out well enough.

A Couple More Tweets]()

They must have been hungry for the next two. When I put my phone above the nest, their heads went straight up and they started "peeping." "Peeep! Peeeep!" Immagine their disappointment, when the only thing they got was a flash in the face! Well, "Mom" was frantically fluttering overhead, so I'm sure they got lunch shortly after the "danger" was past.

Brother's Got a Big Mouth]()

It was fun to watch the chicks grow up, even if having an angry, chirping robin mother screetching at me got old quickly. At least they weren't red-winged blackbirds, though. I've had to use a tennis racket on those before!

So Does His Sister]()

The day after I took this last photo, they were gone. I saw one of the fledglings hopping away across the neighbor's yard, as its mother chirped the "Danger! Danger! That evil human is here!" call from a nearby tree.

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what a cool post they grow so quick :)

20.07.2019 18:29

Good work on the blind photo-ing. Glad mom didn't knock you off the stool. They are a bit aggressive then. Amazing too how big the chicks mouths are. I think they're put together as little eating machines at that age. Couldn't miss that orange target, gaping maw if you tried, Mom!

21.07.2019 19:47

Thanks! She didn't come much closer than about six feet, fortunately for her. The red-winged blackbirds will actually buffet you and try to peck you, which is why they get the tenis racket treatment.

21.07.2019 20:20

Exciting stuff. I know the owls in the woods would occasionally knock someone's hardhat off. Not too often, but enough to scare the hooey out of you. Never happened to me. Though little humming birds would give me a near infarction when they buzzed my orange (illegal) helmet. Birds sure can be aggressive at times. I can just imagine the old tennis racket thing.

21.07.2019 20:37

I LOVED this post! Always love your humor and your ability to make the photos come to life :) Too fun with their little beaks wide open, and I'd love to see you with the tennis racket and the blackbirds, lol. I've played tag with a rooster that got me once...I played the game with the back of a shovel hehehe

22.07.2019 22:09

Well, they are dinosaurs, the little crappers!

22.07.2019 23:43