The Harvest Begins (Original Photography)


On my way back from Rochester to Mankato, I noticed that the corn harvest has begun. There weren't many farmers out in the fields along my route, but swaths of the corn fields lay flat. The remaining plants look dry and ready.

Just outside the small town of Mantorville, I came across this lovely tree in the middle of a field. The clouds were a great backdrop, too, though I did have to edit out a jet trail.

Lonely Tree]()

Before leaving Rochester, I stopped by the pumpkin field for a quick photo. There isn't a way down to the field this year, but the areal view was pretty in the morning light. Besides, I already have close-ups from previous years.

The Orange Sea]()

Back in the Mankato area, random pieces of farm equipment are beginning to appear along the edges of the fields. Farmers are getting ready to harvest and then prepare their fields for winter.

To till or not to till...]()

As for the search for work, I had an interview last Friday that lasted two and a half hours. It seemed to go well, but I haven't heard back yet. There are a lot of new employment posts showing up online so. If I don't get the position I applied for, there's still hope.

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Nice shot, very beautiful 🎄

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16.10.2019 02:01

Cool shots but that first shot is brilliant love it


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most welcome have a great day Posted with

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That lone tree is great!

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16.10.2019 02:02

Howdy sir fotosdenada! Dang, a 2.5 hr interview! I didn't know they did them that long. The pictures are tremendous.

16.10.2019 01:53

Could have been worse... My sister interviewed for a library administration position last week, as well. Hers lasted twelve hours! I don't think I could handle that.

16.10.2019 02:03

What the? How could an interview last 12 hours? Did she get the job? What's her situation?

16.10.2019 05:31

Love each of these photos! I hope the farmers have a few weeks of dry weather to get the crops in.
I have complete faith that you will find the perfect job!

20.10.2019 03:31

We'll see if the weather holds out. Thursday and Friday were pretty wet, but today was a glorious autumn day. The farmers have been out harvesting corn like crazy. If the weather holds out, they should be right on track.

20.10.2019 03:39