Sparkly Night (Original Astro Photography)


It is finally peak firefly season. They were a bit behind schedule, but the fields are sparkling! There are finally enough that I don't need to stack multiple photos.

Not A Hallucination]()

For those of you interested ittings:

Settintting Value
Exposure 25 seconds
ISO 800

**Apertu f/2.8

Where I ere I live in the USA, every town wants to have its own Independence Day fireworks display. In order to draw more people in, many of the smaller towns will launch theirs a day before ore after the 4th of July. I was in the middle of nowhere and not expecting to see any. This was a surprise!

Firefly Glowed Too Hard]()
Setting Vag** Value
Exposure 5 seconds
ISO 200

**Ape f/2.8

The mosq
The mosquitos were even worse than previous nights. However, I did make a bit of a discovery. Out at the state park, just beside the bison pen, there were significantly fewer of them. Whereas I had literally dozens of them attacking me at once by the field, there were only one or two of the vampiric vermin attacking me at the park.

Green Comet]()
Setting Vating** Value
Exposure 30 seconds
ISO 800

There ar/4

There aren't quite as many fireflies at the park, but more than enough for some interesting shots. It was so much mnore enjoyable taking photos without the pain of the mosquito swarm, too.

Once again, I managed to get the Milky Way and a shooting star in the same shot. I'm not sure how, as I seldom see shooting stars before the August meteor shower.

Tree of Sparkly](>


Setting | Value
--- | ------------
Exposure | 30 seconds
ISO | 8 | f/4

The last| f/4

The last two photos were taken with my ultra-wide 10-22mm lens, which only lets in about half the light the 24-70 does. It complicates things a little, but the wider angle also allows me to take longer exposures without noticeable star trails.

For those of you interested in the technical end, this next one is the result of a much longer exposure:

Star Trails](>

Techy stuff:

**S Techy stuff:
Setting | Value
--- | ------------
Exposure | 212 seconds
ISO | 800
Aperture | f/4

Gear used:

- Canon EOS 7D (original)
- Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS II USM
- Canon EF-s 10-22mm F/3.5-4.5 USM
- Sturdy Tripod
- IR wireless shutter release
- Off! and Bug Soother insect repellent


- Adobe Lightroom 4.1
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

Wish List

New camera body
... for higher quality images
Starlight filter (light pollution cancellation)
... to get rid of that pesky glow
Cable shutter release
... to thread through Jeep window and not become a human pincushion in need of a transfusion

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.




Comments 18

Canon EF-s 10-22mm F/3.5-5.6 USM

Would that be Canon EF-s 10-22mm F/3.5-4.5 USM, like the one I have, @fotosdenada?

04.07.2019 16:50

Yep. Appantly, I didn't read closely enough. It's a nice lens, though a bit too dark for astro photography... At least with this old camera body.

04.07.2019 16:53

Those are so amazing! I love the one with the firework in it. And the first one with the fireflies is stunning. Sorry about the mosquitoes! That does throw a wrench in the works. It's hard to keep still to take photos when you're itching like crazy!

05.07.2019 14:51

Thanks! Fortunately, using a tripod left one arm free to engage in mortal combat, so at least I had the satisfaction of talking a few down. I really need a few trained tree frogs to sit on my shoulders and the brim of my hat.

05.07.2019 18:52

Hahahaha! If you figure out how to train tree frogs, you'll be rich! I would buy one for sure!

05.07.2019 18:54

A couple weeks ago, I was visiting my parents in Rochester. I noticed I had my own private air force. The dragonflies were following me around, picking off the mosquitos. They didn't get close enough for the ones that bit me, though :-( I still found it hilarious and completely awesome.

05.07.2019 22:23

That is possibly the best thing I've ever heard!

05.07.2019 22:29

Now I am envious! What fabulous night sky photos! And those fireflies. Wow! Absolutely spectacular photos!

06.07.2019 01:58


08.07.2019 02:57

Fantastic night shots ;)

06.07.2019 11:41

Thank you!

08.07.2019 02:58

Most welcome 😎👍😎

08.07.2019 09:21

Howdy sir fotosdenada! those are all wonderful shots with the first three being my favorites, those are striking! And I didn't have to get bit to enjoy the sights!

07.07.2019 03:23

Thank you. I'll have to see if they're ass crazy in Wisconsin tomorrow!

08.07.2019 02:59

oh are you going on a road trip?

08.07.2019 16:47

I had an interview in central Wisconsin. It was a long day.

09.07.2019 18:02

oh, very cool! What kind of interview? Do your long-term plans still have Spain in them?

09.07.2019 18:41

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