Harvest In Monochrome (Original B&W Photography)


At the time of this post's publication, it is officially my first day of work and I have just walked through the front door. Steempeak's post scheduling sure is handy!

As for today's subject matter, the corn harvest is coming to an end for 2019. A stretch of dry weather has allowed farmers to get out in the fields and, for the most part, get their corn collected. There were a few still out harvesting, though, and I set out ot see what there was to see.

Metal Monster]()

From what I could gather, this appears to be an auger platform for harvesting shorter grains. I am going to venture a guess that this one is used for soy beans, as it is one of the major crops grown in southern Minnesota, although corn is still the momst prevalent.

The one above was parked on a trailer along the edge of a field. A little ways up the road, I found another one attached to a harvester.

Lawn Mower XXXL]()

This is one of the best times to drive around in farm country, if you like seeing interesting textures in the fields. The variety of crops and different machinery used leave fascinating patterns of lines across the fields. This one appears to have been harvested in one direction, then trimmed and raked in another.

It's Plaid!]()

This next one caught my attention and I just had to get a photo. It looks as if they're about to have a confrontation!

"High Noon"]()

And, of course, there are the corn harvesters. These beasties have pointy, scary-looking "teeth" coming off the front of them and you would definitely not want to be in front of one in the field. I wasn't able to find one parked, so that I could get a photo of those jagged fangs, but I did come across one working in the field.

Steel Brontosaurus]()

Despite looking like the head of a metal beast, the long protrusion is where separated corn is ejected from the machinery. The boom moves and can be swung over a variety of trailers or holding containers.

... but it still looks like a metal dinosaur to me!

Really Corny Agricultural Photo]()

As for employment, only time will tell what this job is like. The company is among the top in my state, in terms of employee satisfaction. That should be a huge improvement over the photo studio I once worked for, where there was more turnover than in a pancake restaurant.

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That sounds like a huge improvement for working conditions!! Congrats :)
And I always love your humor in your photo titles!! (as well as your photos :)

05.11.2019 01:59


Having an income is a good thing! It's good so far, although figuring everything out is a slow process. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get out and shoot as much, between the short days and the work schedule. Oh, and the weather. It's actually snowing right now. Maybe this weekend, thoguh!

06.11.2019 02:06

Great harvest photos! I love the one where the tractors are facing off. The first two weeks on a new job are often pretty tough. I hope that everything goes smoothly for you.

06.11.2019 05:05

Thanks! It was a good weekend to see activity on the local farms, with winter approaching.

This job is interesting, so far. It is a lot of tiny details and paperwork, though. Fortunately, a lot has moved online, so I can use screen readers and color filters to help a bit.

07.11.2019 01:34

Oh good! Is working on a computer screen OK for your eyes?

07.11.2019 02:38

As long as I can reverse the colors, so that it's white text on a black background, it's not too hard on my eyes. The nice thing about the screen readers, though, is that I can listen and not have to try and read the text.

My situation is a little strange, since my vision isn't considered a disability by government criteria. It's really nice that this company is willing to make accommodations.

07.11.2019 02:54

There is so much amazing technology now for those of us who have disadvantages! It is quite exciting.

07.11.2019 03:42

I'm hoping for replacement eyes, someday. They have actually been able to graft new photoreceptors into mouse eyeballs, though, so there might actually be some hope.

07.11.2019 04:32

Howdy sir fotosdenada! I love the agriculture photos, great job! Good luck on the job and I'm sure you'll let us know what it's like.

11.11.2019 04:53