GBP/USD Hits Short Term Support Turned Resistance in No-Man's-Land


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GBP/USD Technical Analysis

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I'm a bit late with today's blog and daily email, but I've been letting this one play out and hopefully it was worth it.

Remember, GBP/USD has been trending lower for months now, with no end in sight. In last weekend's market preview, we highlighted that price was below higher time frame resistance, but maybe a little too far lower to use it as a level to manage risk around.

Take a look at the daily and you'll see how price is in the no-man's-land that I'm talking about.

GBP/USD Daily:

But zoom into a 4 hourly chart and you can see why I might be a little more interested in potentially shorting at these levels.

GBP/USD 4 Hourly:

The zone I've drawn is actually from the hourly, but the 4 hour chart shows the tops of the candles I'm using as resistance, perfectly.

So we have price below higher time frame support/resistance, then retesting an intraday area of short term support turned resistance.

Price has poked though it, hopefully cleared out a few stops above, and has now reactivated it as resistance. That is the sort of price action that often precedes a nice run lower.

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This pair looks like it wants to move higher, trying to go long on a pull back, not good entry level. However, the EURGBP looks like a better trade to go short on.

28.08.2019 11:57

I just can’t bring myself to buy Cable...

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29.08.2019 00:57