This is a picture of my plants i've been growing now for about a month. I bought a brand new system and updated everything and things are going very well. I just started budding them 4 days ago. Its really helped me to pass the time after being locked in these last few weeks. I hope everyone else is hanggin in there and doing well.


This is my new Wakyme L.E.D lighting system they are really cool. They have a vegative and bloom setting with built in fans and an extra plug to connect the light fixtures together. The best thing is they put out 1200 watts but only use under 200 watts. Way more efficient than the old 1000 watt high pressure sodium bulbs i used to use.


I love my new L.E.D lights there so much easier to use than the old style lighting systems.


And this picture is of one of my plants taken under normal lighting the L.E.Ds make them look purple and red.


This was taken a week after they were transplanted they were doing very well.


This is the clones i bought the strains were Pineapple Express, Sour Sundea, and Mac Nasty. There some very nice healthy plants.

Thanks for checking out the post i appreciate it very much.

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Thank you theres so many awesome looking plants and beautiful pictures of them here.
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Get your grow on! Lol

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