There are accounts on steemit here that undermines what everyones trying to do on here by downvoting at random everyones posts. You have the right to downvote a post but when its a bot just downvoting at random to posts that people worked very hard on doesn't make any sense. It takes a real asshole to set up something so negitive to undermind such a positive thing. The accounts are @camillesteemer -aka steemingpileofshit, @ratclim - aka ratclit, and @yaluma - aka yalameass thats my pet names for them. But what i found out recently is that the accounts may be all the same person camillesteemer and ratclim i think are one and the same, and now this yaluma account is doing the same thing. If you've been downvoted by these accounts its more than likely a downvoting bot and i hope that karma finds this person and returns all the negativity they have shared with the good people here on steemit. There downvotes are weak and useless and don't effect you much at all, but they do piss you off lol. Thanks for checking out the post. I just had to vent a little i feel much better now. If you have any comments on the subject i would love to here them thanks again

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That is some bullshit. I figured something luke that would come about once the downvoting thing was added. This is a new feature that happened during my time away.

22.08.2019 20:05

It is bullshit they downvote your post and you go to there blog and they post nothing, all they do is downvote everyone. It really pisses everyone off but what can you do. There downvotes don't even do anything to your post because its so weak.

23.08.2019 04:05