Prepper Survival Tips [Part 2] - Everyday Must Haves

SOSH20 Presents - Everyday Must Haves

Be it an earthquake, zombie apocalypse or just your average doomsday event, here are things that will surely help anyone survive longer than the average Joe:

  • Clean Water
    Store as much clean water as you can. You should always have means to make water clean as well like a Sawyer water filtration system

  • First Aid Essentials
    Have many different first aid essentials like bandages, rubbing alcohol, meds, and more. Don't get too many things you do not know how to use, or if you do, learn how to use them.
  • 2-5 Weeks of Food
    Cans as far as the eye can see would be great, but a supply that will last you at least 2 weeks should be enough. Anything from canned meat, fish, dry food, granola bars, rice, dried fruit, jerky, etc.
  • Light Sources
    Lamps, flashlights and candles are a must have. Better yet, hand-crank or rechargeable lamps/flashlights would be best.
  • Blankets and Heat Sources
    Fire starting kits, emergency thermal blankets and even good thermal sleeping bags do wonders in cold/rainy/snowy weather.
  • Bugout Bag
    An easily transportable bag with everyday useful things like gloves, change of clothes, work pants, pair of shoes, etc. These things are a necessity when dealing with the outside world so it's better to have them in extra.
  • A Plan/Method
    If you and your family are serious about being 100% prepared for an emergency, then a plan is a must. Because in times of disaster, not knowing what to do will make it much easier for panic to set in, which will eventually lead to your demise if you don't regain control of your emotional, mental and physical abilities. Meet-up points, local areas and map markers would be of great help.
  • Vehicle/Mobility Device
    Be it a bike, car or a plane, be sure to pack it with at least 3-5 days of water, food, clothes and lots of fuel.
  • Firearm
    Very useful for fending off predators and even people that want to do harm. Training is also a must, as if you don't know how to use it, it won't be very useful.
  • Generator
    Not technically a must have, but will be extremely useful if you can afford a good one.
  • Tents + Sleeping Bags
    Nobody wants to spend the night without something over their head, especially in bad weather. Be sure to have a spare one as well just in case the other rips or is not working properly.
  • Knife/Machete
    You wouldn't want to chop branches with hands or gnaw your way through rope, so be sure to have a strong and reliable knife.

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