Bigfoot & Sasquatch - Can People Accept It? Part 1

A new human-like being may soon be added to the directory of living things here on Earth. But before that happens, we must first ask a few very important questions like:

What exactly does it take to change the mind of an ordinary, every-day hard working person? Now let's ask, what does it take to change the mind of a somewhat stubborn scientific community?

And now... let us ask what does it take to change your mind?


The strange being goes by many different names, and surprisingly has been seen all around the world. Yeti is what they are called in Tibet, in Australia it's Yowie, Skunk Ape in Florida and over 10 other different names spanning different cultures from different continents. It might seem like all of this is merely a scare tactic that parents used to not have their kids wander off into the woods alone - and surely it has been used exactly for that. Although the strange part is the ever-growing quantity of sightings happening every single year.

Fortunately, some people have taken upon themselves to talk about this controversial subject. And surprisingly, some of these people don't seem crazy at all. In fact the person I will be talking about in part 2 looks, seems and sounds like the most down-to-earth, average hard-core hunter that I've ever come across. There doesn't seem to be any agenda he's pushing and no benefit of him talking about his subject. Who else can be more reputable of what goes on in the forest than someone that has literally spent more time in the woods than inside the 4 walls of his home?

(Ancient drawings of what seems to be Bigfoot)
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