How did the Cat come to your House?

A month ago, two cats came to my house simultaneously. The one who came first was a white-black cat. The second one is Mackerel paint. Both are street cats. Initially a white-black cat with a Mackerel cat, it never got along well. They slap each other when they are eating. But over time, the two of them are like siblings who are always joking.


( Hug each Other)

( The cat that lives in my House)

Now the two cats live in my house. I am so comforted by their presence. Before that the cats were very dirty. There are several wounds on the thighs and ears. The first time I arrived at the house, the white-black cat only stood about one meter from the door of the house. He made a loud voice, but ran so fast when he heard the sound of the door opening. I put the leftovers at the door. The black-and-white cat behind the fence entered slowly, looking left and right. He ate the food with fear. Just a little more sound could be heard from inside the house, the cat was hiding behind the fence.





( Frolic )

The second one was a Mackerel colored punk, relaxed a little. He's easy to make friends even though he's still wild. The cat won't eat until we leave. That night he slept in a flower pot by the door. I found him surprised several times when I opened the door of the house. He ran out of the fence, then looked at me defiantly. I laughed to myself seeing his behavior. They are now staying at home, and have become pleasant friends.
Thank you to all cat lovers around the world..
(Happy greetings from me)

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Wow congratulations @fooart, this cat really gave you a hard time getting to know each other but all the same make sure you take care of him.

14.04.2021 11:09

Thank you @etiboy56

14.04.2021 12:12

They are adorable😻 @fooart

15.04.2021 13:11

Of course @georgia11. If we're not far away, I'll usk them to play over to your house.🐈🐈

15.04.2021 13:22

I have already a furbaby and he doesn't want anyone else, because one of my cousins scared him once and now he is afraid of everyone. @fooart

15.04.2021 18:31

Who is that furbaby? Is he traumatized?

15.04.2021 18:34

This is my son (furbaby) Dot 😻 @fooart . Physically he is fine, but he doesn't trust anyone except those who feed him. (Me, my mom, my dad)

15.04.2021 18:42


15.04.2021 19:18