THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 (2020-10-29) : Creativity is not a competition.

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Hello Friends, it yet another new day. I got this morning with somebody pains. It has been a while I did any workout. With the dizziness, I quickly move into the bathroom and took my bath. I help prepare my daughter for school. While she was taking her breakfast, I was packing my laptop into my bag. By 7:00 am, we left the house. I drop her at her school, and off I went to the office.

I got to the office before everyone, so I was the person on the local server. I log in (logbook) to sign in the time I was at the office. I went through my todo list, updated that of today with other important. While doing that, I was preparing coffee at the same time.

IMG_20201029_080913.jpg My cup of coffee

IMG_20201029_074026.jpg Morning selfie

I start work on Fyre. Fyre is the CMS package we offer to our clients to be able to manage the contents on their site. I had to work on CRUD(Create Read Update Delete) for four features on Fyre. While working, one of our to be clients called. She will be coming to see me at 3 pm. The calls she will be coming, she did not make it. She promises not to fail today.

At 2:16 pm, I went to pick Lindsey from school. We had to take a cap home. So I will rush back to the office. This was because the client told me she will be coming around three. On my way back, she called again that she will be an hour late. So I slow down and took my time, and walk back to the office.

At 4 pm, the expected client shows up. She did her initial payment for her project to kick start. Since she was present, we just had our concept meeting. Concept meeting is a program for the client to tell us about the project and what she had in mind. After the meeting, she was happy left thanking us.

I closen at 6 pm, leaving the other at the office. I got home, had my dinner, and log in to my steem account. I had a good number of notifications since I did not log in the previous day due to a poor internet network. I reply to most of the comments, commented on other diary game posts. I concluded my day with my dairy game post.

Thanks for reading my diary game, and I hope to see you tomorrow.

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