THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 (2020-10-25) : Home Day with Kids

IMG_20201025_104007.jpg My Kids and I

Hello Diary, it a Sunday. Well, this one of the days I try to get a good rest for my self. I will usually get up later from the bed. Before going to bed last night, we did not have electricity. Getting up this morning, we are still in the same position. No electricity. I got up at about 8 am, step out to find how if everyone slept without electricity. Then I get to notice it just our compound, and a few others didn't have too while the rest had electricity. So I came home, in about two hours, electricity was back. So others had come together and called for a technician to fix the problem.

My wife had to go out, so prepared breakfast for the family. We had our breakfast while she left to go collect mosquito net. She came back when we had left her share of the breakfast.

IMG_20201025_081634.jpg Breakfast (puffballs and beans)

Trying to make you used the little time we have with electricity, I post my diary game of the previous day, commented, and reply to some comments. Not too long, a friend walks in. He called, he was coming to play a game (PES) with me. Unfortunately for on entering my house, electricity just went lol. I told him "you are safe".

It's day home, had to stay home with my kids. So home with my friend and my kids. With no electricity, everyone felt bore and slept off, my friend slept on the couch, and my kids and I slept too on the other couch

By 5 pm, we were all up, and my friend decided to go. I did not go a far distance to see him off because I'm alone with the kids. My wife later came back and prepared dinner, and we all eat together. After eating, I help in washing the dirty plate in the kitchen sink. I later join the discord chat group at 9 pm. It was full of fun. finally writing down my diary post for the day

Thanks for reading my diary game, and I hope to see you tomorrow.

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