THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 (2020-10-24) : Was a raining morning

Hello Friends, today is Saturday, and the weather is different from other days. It was raining this morning, unlike the previous day. I had predicted we are already in the dry season lol. I got up from bed at 6 am, took my bath, and prepared myself for work. Since it was raining, we had cold weather. So I had to dress in warm clothes. Left for the office and I was the earliest person, very sure because of the weather, my colleagues could not make it on time.

I on the local server and log in (logbook). I went through my todo list. I updated the todo list for the day. I did not have any external tasks. Most of what I had to work on was in house projects. Since it was a cold morning, I had a cup of coffee to get myself warm to start working.

IMG_20201024_085740.jpg Morning coffee

it has been a lazy day for me today at the office, maybe because I will be working on in house projects. These are projects without pressure to be complete. But they still have timelines.

IMG_20201024_183842.jpg Me at my desk

Did a couple of subtasks, by 3 pm, we were using but the generator. Not for long, it went off. No fuel, but we decided not to go for fuel because it was the last of the week. So we just plan to get fuel next week to start a new week. I close at 5 pm and walk home. I got home, and the electricity was back.

I relax for a while and had dinner with my family. We chat about the latest happening in the country. Some kids were gun down by unidentified people in their classrooms. It has been a sad day in that part of my country. I was able to go through the images, but my wife cloud not. While others blame the government, I blame the popular who let such to happen in brought daylight. While we were still chatting, the electricity is gone. So we just decided to go to bed. that how my day unfold.

Thanks for reading my diary game, and I hope to see you tomorrow.

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