THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 (2020-10-22) : A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Dear diary, I think we are into the dry season proper now. I have been hoping it will rain, but no sign. I got up very early at 4 am, decided to watch one episode of a series I collected. The title of the series is Warrior Nun. I completed episodes six and seven. I jump up from the bed at about 6 am and took my bath. Preparing my daughter is one of my morning duty. By 7 am, she(my daughter) was through with her breakfast. We left, and I drop her at her school and continue to work. I don't have many activities a day duty my nature of work.

Screenshot 2020-10-22 221727.png Screetshot from my laptop

IMG_20201022_073113.jpg Early morning selfie
I was the earliest person at the office, so I had to be the person on the local server. The logbook app is hosted on the local server. So anyone to be able to sign into the logbook. You have to make sure the server is on. After login to the logbook app, I went through my pending task of the previous day. I updated that of the day, most important was preparing proposals and emailing to the respective clients.

By 2:25 pm, I'm off to pick Lindsey(my daughter) from school. On our way back, she asked me to get her grapple fruits. This is not a popular fruit in my region. Luckily we saw it at the fruit seller at the junction before getting home. I got one for her, we arrived home, and I gave her a slide.

IMG_20201022_150304.jpg Grapple fruit

I got back to the office, continue with my pending task. I had to update the database structure on an old web project. I later help upload a preview link for the client to go through. I will online share the link when the client has confirmed the project and its lives. I was the last person to close for the day because I wanted to start a download. Unfortunately for me electricity was not back, so abandon it to do it tomorrow.

Got home, help my daughter is doing her homework. She had to do some drawing. I encourage her, and she did her homework alone. As she was done, I log on to the steem platform and replay to comments, and prepared my diary game post. I decided not to post at the moment, will do it the next day. Before going to bed, check my WhatsApp, and reply to some messages.

Thanks for reading my diary game, and I hope to see you tomorrow.

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