THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 (2020-10-20) : Plus One day (every single day makes me more of a man than yesterday).

Dear diary, today is the first day of my new year lol. I feel proud of myself, and every single day makes me more of a man than yesterday. So far, at this point in my life. I have a partner(wife) and two kids( Lindsey and Jayden).

Got up at 5:30 am, Iron my shirt. It has been a while I did put on a shirt to work. Today will be putting on a shirt. I took my bath and prepared my daughter and me I. Today will be going to school while I will be going to work as usual. By 7 am, we were all ready, and we step out. I drop her at her school and continue to work.

I was not the first person at the office. I quickly log into the logbook. I decided to make myself some pictures.

IMG-20201020-WA0007.jpg Early Morning Photo

Now let me keep the fun aside and get down to business. I went through my to-do list and updated with what I needed to do for the day. Start working, mostly completion of pending tasks of yesterday's work. I did not have any complicated task, and by midday was through with the pending.

At 2:15 pm, I left the office to pick my daughter from school. The closen time is 2:30 pm, was there before then. I pick her up, and we walk home. The sun was up, and I got ice cream to lick when we get home. We got home, and immediately she started eating her ice cream while I left to go back to the office.

IMG_20201020_150359.jpg Lindsey eating her ice cream

I got to the office, help my colleague with some tasks he was doing. By 5:30 pm, I close for the day and walk back home. As I got home, everyone was asleep, since there was no light. So a few minutes as I walking in, electricity came back. We had dinner together.

IMG_20201020_204507.jpg My supper (Fufu and vegetable)

After dinner, I log into my steem account. I comment and reply to comments on my previous diary game post. Finally decided to post my diary game for the day, and off I went to bed.

Thanks for reading my post. Tomorrow is another day.
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Hola amigo!!! Que gran dia!!! Me dio muchísima curiosidad tu cena!!!
Saludos @cachetes-27🐽💕



20.10.2020 23:35

hahahaha, es harina de maíz, se prepara y se come con verduras. Gracias por leer mi juego de diario.

21.10.2020 06:50

Ohh!!! ¡Que interesante!!!
Saludos @cachetes-27

21.10.2020 12:36

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