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It has been a long movement on this platform up to this point. Most of the resourceful material up to this point has been provided by @cryptokannon, @yohan2on, and others. Doing achievement 6 is built on the confidence of previous achievements. The guide gave me a thorough understanding of how the reward system on the steemit ecosystem works such as curation and voting. I also realized how to utilize steemworld to loan out some of my steem power through a process called delegation Here and have total control as I can take back my loan allotment anytime I want. The fact that I can earn without actually being active? Thank you, Steemit! I would now go on to share my understanding of curation and community.

How Voting and Curation works on Steemit

Voting and curation work together on steemit. Voting initiates curation. This means that when you vote for content curation is initiated. Same like other social media platforms where users are allowed to like content, steemit offers its users to appreciate content by voting. Every post has the upvote or downvote button at the bottom. Upvoting a post initiates the distribution of rewards from the reward pool to the creator of the content, the author. Distribution of these rewards depends on the steem power you have at the moment. This process of reward distribution is known as curation. The ability to casts votes and influence rewards depends on the voting mana you currently possess.

What is my voting mana?

Voting mana is like an "energy bar" in a computer game that goes down a little bit every time you vote. You start with 100% voting mana. Every time you vote, you will use a small amount of your voting mana. It is initially set at 100% and deducts 2% when the vote is cast at full power of 100 percent. It also recharges by 20% daily and users have to wait for it to recharge once theirs is exhausted. The voting mana also determines the amount of influence you have on the reward distribution.

How many times can I vote without depleting my voting mana?

Every 100% vote I cast will use 2% of my remaining voting mana. My voting mana will then recharge by 20% each day. I can vote more than 10 times per day, but each vote will be worthless, and it will take longer to reach full voting mana again.

As a new user, I can only vote at a 100% voting strength while users with at least 500 steam power can adjust their voting strength (that is, between 1 - 100%), as an adjustment bar shows up. This enables the user to decrease or increase their voting strength as they see fit. There is also the mana for downvotes which is 25% of the upvote mana. But one must take note that downvotes do not earn you any curation rewards.

What happened if you vote a post before 5 minutes marks after posting?

Once a post is published, 100% of the curation rewards remain within the pool when the curator votes at the moment of posting. The full process is given below:
At 1 minute, the curator receives 20%, and 80% remain in the rewards pool.
At 2 minutes, the curator receives 40%, and 60% remains in the rewards pool.
At 3 minutes, the curator receives 60%, and 40% remain in the rewards pool.
At 4 minutes, the curator receives 80%, and 20% remains in the rewards pool.
If a post is upvoted 5 minutes (or later) after posting, 100% of the curation reward goes to the curator.

Who will you vote for Steem Witness ? and Why?

  • What are Steem witnesses?

The Steem blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake, or DPOS. The community elects 'witnesses' to act as the network's block producers and governance body. There are 20 full-time witnesses, producing a block every 63-second round. A 21st position is shared by the backup witnesses, who are scheduled proportionally to the amount of stake-weighted community approval they have. Witnesses are compensated with Steem Power for each block they create.Source

These witnesses are elected by the community to produce blocks for the steem blockchain every 3 seconds. These witnesses need to be compensated by steem power as 20 of them work full time. There are extra backup witnesses and each user may vote for up to 30 witnesses. They run the steem blockchain and prevent attacks from hackers.

I will personally vote for @steemchiller and @justyy who have created and respectively. This is because they created these amazing tools and still produce blocks for the blockchain. As such, they are truly worthy of support.

My communities and my reasons why I joined

There are several communities here on steemit within which members post great content every minute each day. I went through these communities, and I have joined a good number of them, and here is the reason why.

  • New Comers: This is a community for all posting achievements and welcoming newcomers to the steem blockchain.
  • Steem Africa: This is a community for all Africans and I'm interested to know about life within our continent.
  • Steemalive community: This is another community with the vision to recruit, retain, support, and reward content creators especially from Africa. Have learned a lot since I join this community.
  • Steemingcurators: I don't want to miss out on any ongoing or upcoming challenges.


To have made it this far through achievement 1 to 6 hasn't been my effort but a collective one as I have read and exhausted resource materials that have greatly improved my knowledge and skills here on steemit. My appreciation goes to @cryptokannon, @yohan2on, @thegreens, and @saxopedia for your support and guidance.

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Thanks for this very well-written article!

I can vote more than 10 times per day, but each vote will be worthless, and it will take longer to reach full voting mana again.

Just a small typo, I guess you wanted to write 'worth less'. Anyway, stay relaxed and have a nice weekend ;)

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oooooooh yeah thanks

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Congratulations @fombae, you finally made it to the last task. These show that you are better in the steemit platform.

Hope to see more of your work on here.

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24.10.2020 14:09

thanks @iamlynxie

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Thank you for sharing your understanding on "Curation & Community".

Just a little correction needed.

The voting mana also determines the amount of influence you have on the reward distribution.

It is the Steem Power that determines the influence. Voting mana is just another tool to adjust how much influence (out of your total influence) you want to exercise.

Thank you.

25.10.2020 02:29

Oooooh yeah, I was talking in consideration to the movement of the bar(0-100%) and the dropping of the 2% after each vote. Thanks for the clarification. Much understanding again thanks.

25.10.2020 11:07

Thanks for completing Achievement 6: Understanding curation and the community feature. Congratulations upon finishing all the achievement tasks of the Newcomers' program. Kindly create an article compiling all the achievement tasks from 1-6.

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You have done noble by this achievement. Your explanations are well understood which means that you have fully studied curation and understood how it works. Congratulations dear @fombae for successfully completing your achievements up to this level. Welcome to the world of steemit. Navigate and enjoy.

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25.10.2020 06:09

Thanks, @ngoenyi, with help of other contests, I was able to understand curation and community before going in for the achievement.

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