Generate Fiat-Pegged Stablecoins (USDQ) From Q DAO Platform

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I see cryptocurrency as the new gold of this generation, but its volatility nature is still making many people to have double mind before adopting it. Though the crypto market is tempting because someone can invest $50 and make $300 within an hour if the market skyrocket; but at the same time, your $1000 investment can drop to $20 within a minute. So all I can say is that, the crypto market is not stable.

Through the Q DAO ecosystem, people can generate USDQ stablecoins. USDQ is a stablecoin that uses Bitcoin as its collateral. This means people get USDQ stablecoin by locking up their Bitcoins in a smart contract. The USDQ stablecoin value is pegged to USD. USDQ is just like many other stablecoins in the market, but the difference between USDQ and other stablecoins is that USDQ is fully decentralized. This means USDQ is in line with blockchain principle. The other stablecoins that is similar to USDQ are CNYQ, JPYQ, KRWQ, but the difference is that USDQ price is pegged to the US dollar while KRWQ price is pegged to South Korean's KRW and CNYQ is pegged to Chinese Yuan and so on.

The USDQ can be generated through Q DAO ecosystem (a blockchain project incorporated with an ethereum based smart contracts). This also means USDQ is an ethereum based token, which means people can easily transfer any quantity from one wallet to another ethereum based wallet at a faster transaction time.

The USDQ is already available at an exchange where people can buy and sell at the same time.

Buy and sell USDQ through this link-

People can as well get USDQ through over the counter (OTC) deal, or via a broker.

USDQ will not only stabilize your assets but you will enjoy some benefits for holding it. Example of what to enjoy while you hold USDQ is that you will earn savings rate and additional profits for holding USDQ.

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The Q DAO blockchain platform enables people to generate stablecoins like USDQ, KRWQ, CYNQ and others using a technology called "collateralized debt positions". For the case of USDQ, anybody with Bitcoin (BTC) can generate USDQ through the Q DAO ecosystem right from their comfort zone.

Here is how to generate USDQ from Q DAO platform

  • You need to first sign up at Q DAO platform and you will have access to your BTC private wallet
  • You then deposit BTC into your BTC wallet at Q DAO platform
  • You then set the parameter of the loan you want to acquire
  • The system will then verify all your entry,
  • The final stage is that the platform will then mint the equivalent USDQ you collateralized and the users can withdraw it to his personal wallet.



  • USDQ is accepted worldwide and it will solve the challenges of cross border transfer payment.
  • USDQ can be used to run a business

-:USDQ can be used for payment of goods and services across different nations

  • USDQ can be used for long term savings
  • USDQ can be used for margin trading since it is convenient and stable.


A token like USDQ, KRWQ, and CYNQ will encourage more people to adopt cryptocurrency because of its stability nature. Though the volatility of crypto at large is scared especially during the bear market. However, having USDQ will give you a rest of mind, you can save as a long term investment without encountering market devalue because USDQ has a stable price pegged to US dollar.


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