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Local Business Review Part 2- Learn about Madam Blessing bread Shop, No 1 Ohanku Road Aba.



Day 4 of my business review project took me to Madam Blessing bread Shop, Located at No. 1 Ohanku Road Aba. I buy bread from this shop almost everyday. Bread is an important food for many people. Its one of the cheapest foods too. For me, I take bread and tea for breakfast. So I am going to tell you a bit about this bread shop located at a strategic site in a busy road - Ohanku road.


About Madam Blessing bread Shop

is a business that sell breads at Ohanku Road by Ngwa Road. The shop is strategically located at a busy road intersection, just opposite a bus stop. They shop usually have many customers during evening hours. I buy bread heer everyday because they only sell fresh bread, and they have so many brands of bread you can choose from. These are the reasons I patronize them and decided to feature them in this business review.

I went there yesterday (31/3/2022) as I returned from work to buy bread and to capture images for this review. These are some of the brands of bread I saw:

  • Highlife Tasty Loaf
  • Rich Bake
  • Master Baker
  • Nature's Pride
  • Malt Bread
  • Chicken Cream
  • Thisday Jumbo

There are many other brands of bread in this shop, but I was able to see and capture some of the brands above. I was really cautious not to disburb their business. But I was able to capture some shots. Let me share them with you:


Breads at Madam Blessing bread Shop

Here are some of the brands I captured while at the shop

1. Nature's Pride


If you have not tasted this bread assuming it is sold in your city, then you are missing something huge. Nature's Pride is my favourite loaf anytime, anyday. Its a sliced bread. It has moderate sugar content, with a rich taste of milk. The bread has a small content of butter, so you do not spend extra money on that. This bread is sold for NGN450 (2 Steem)

2. Master Baker Milk Bread


Master baker is truly a champion too. The bread is rich in bread and malt. It has a slightly higher sugar taste than Nature's Pride. I do not buy it often. So long as Nature's Pride is available, I do not buy another bread. But if Nature's Pride is missing, I go for this. They have the same price - NGN450 (2 Steem).

3. Rich Bake


Rich Bake is truly rich. Some of the active ingredients include butter, milk, barley, refined sugar and other things. It has a great taste very similar to Nature's Pride. This bread is my third choice if Nature's Pride and Master Baker are not in the shop. It has the same price as the two above - NGN450 (2 Steem)

4. Malt Bread


If you love the taste of Malt, then go for this bread. This bread is rich in malt, milk and butter. Its a sliced bread. This bread is also the same price as the other breads I mentioned above - NGN450 (2 Steem). I buy this bread once in a while. I will always buy it occasionally because of the malt taste.

5. Thisday Jumbo


The name of this bread is not just a label. Its Jumbo by size. This bread has two types, the one with sugar and the one without sugar. This particular one has sugar. The taste is not bad too. Its most suitable for a large family. Its much bigger than the ones I mentioned above. Little wonder the price is twice too - NGN900 (4 Steem)


End of the Review

I hope you enjoyed this review. The breads I mentioned in this review are all great. If you have them in your city, give them a try someday. I was not able to capture the sales girl for this shop. They were so busy, evenings are peak sales time for them. I only took the Selfie I used as thumbnail

A section of the shop



Part of the shop viewed from outside

I will take you to this shop anytime you come to Aba. They sell fresh bread at affordable prices. Try them out.

Take not I took all the Images from my Infinix S5 Mobile device

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