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Local Business Review Part 2- Learn about Divine Image, No 2 Park Road Aba.



Day 3 of my business review project took me to Divine Image, Located at No. 2 Park Road Aba. I have been visiting some businesses to find out how they are doing, and to document some of their products and services. Divine Image is my former business neighbor. I use to have an office at No 1 Park Road Aba, and I share the same business premises with divine image before the property was sold. So when I came back for this review, I was a familiar face. Let me tell you a little about this business.


About Divine Image

Divine Image is primarily into the sales of photography equipment, laptop accessories and video production materials. But as I came back to do this review, I discovered they have diversified into other areas including the sales of 3D wallpaper, electronics and even phone accessories. They now have an extra shop to accommodate their rapidly expanding business.

When I walked into their shop, I took a look around and I was able to identify some of the goods forsale. They include the following:

  • DVD plates
  • Laptop External Cameras
  • Professional Cameras
  • Tripod stand for cameras
  • Adapter for laptop
  • Camera Film
  • 3D Wallpaper
  • Camera battery
  • Studio seats

There are too many gadgets in this shop than I could mention. I was able to capture some of them and asked the prices. The sales representatives were so busy. Yet, they were able to answer my questions very well. So here are the gadgets I was able to find their prices.


Divine Image Product Samples

Here are some of the goods you will find in Divine Image shop.

1. 3D wallpaper


This is the type of wallpaper I used in our training center. This type of wallpaper is popular in today's interior decorations. I was not surprised when I saw it in this shop. There were so many designs in this shop. I took out one of them and captured the image. I asked them the price and they told me a roll of it is NGN3,100 (14 Steem). The next time I need a 3d wallpaper, I will come to this shop to buy from them.

2. SHPLUS USB adapter


I found this fanciful USB adapter with 3 ports in the shop. I really like the sleek design and portability. USB adapters are very much in demand because virtually all smart device chargers work with USB. I captured this product which the sales person also confirmed that it is in high demand. When I asked about the price, they told me it is sold for NGN1,500 (6.8 Steem).

3. Laptop Adapter


This is a dell laptop adapter, one of the gadgets I saw in the shop. Remember I told you that this business sell laptop accesories too. Dell is a popular laptop brand with many users. So I was not surprized when I saw this adapter in the shop. The sales person told me that many users buy the adapter. When I asked about the prize, they told me its NGN3,000 (13.6 Steem)

4. Bluetooth Speaker/MP3 Player


Bluetooth speakers are popular now. All smartphones and other mobile devices can connect to this speaker andplay music. This speaker is actually multi-purpose. It can serve as a speaker, Radio, MP3 player and more. No wonder many people buy it. The price in this shop is NGN3,500 (15.9 Steem) I think I will buy this type of my sisters. They love playing music a lot.

5. Camera Lens cover glass


This is a glass cover for mobile phone camera lens. It protects the less from elements such as dust and humidity. This particular brand can work for iphone12 Pro Max. I loved the simple design and the sales person told me its very very efficient. The price for this glass cover is NGN3,500 (15.9 Steem)


End of the Review - Meet the Manager

The sales persons here were so busy.It was understandable. I came at the saless peak hour. However, I was grateful as they gave me attention and answered all my questions. I bought some empty DVD plates for my recordings. Because they were so busy, I could not do a selfie with them. But they promised to give me more time when I call again. I however took another selfie as i left the shop.

Selfie as I left



A view from the main entrance

Anytime you come to Aba, you can visit this shop if you need any of the goods they deal on. I assure you of quality products and excellent service from the sales representatives. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed this review.

Improtant note All Images were shot from my Infinix S5 Mobile device

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