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Health Matters: I experienced a health Challenge last week. Then fought back with Supplements, fruits and drugs!



Health - they say - is wealth. When you are healthy, you can do everything. If you are sick, you will be limited. last week Saturday, I started feeling mild headache and little cough. I believed it was the dust I have been inhaling within the week due to an ongoing road construction my area. I failed to use mask, which is unlike me. So when I rested over the weekend and the symptoms did not go, I then knew I had to take some medication. First, I went to a pharmacy and took some malaria drugs. I have not treated malaria since 2022.


The Malaria drugs and Other Antibiotics

I went to my favorite pharmacy Rufus Obi Pharmacy and got some recommended Malaria drugs. Its one of the popular Pharmacies in Aba. I should have taken a test before, but due to how I was feeling, I needed immediate relief. The pharmacist recommended the Malaria treatment, including some antibiotics too. I captured this picture below inside the pharmacy:

Rufus Obi Pharmacy

You can see the drugs I bought there. I usually go to Rufus Obi because they try to sell quality drugs. You can see the ones I bought in cards. I had already take some doses of it. The Malaria drug is called Bunath Tablets. Once I took the complete dosage for 2 days, I quickly switched to supplements. My dad deal on Supplements, so I usually take them regularly. Supplements help the body heal by supplying any nutrients lacking.



Using Supplements to Stabilize my Health

Like I said earlier, I always have food supplements which help me not to fall sick always. So after I completed the Malaria treatment for two days, I switched to supplements to help me replenish any nutrients lacking and also wash off chemical deposits from drugs. So here are the supplements I used.

  • Vinok Shield: This supplement is simple an alkaline booster. The drink is refreshing very much. We consume a lot of acidic food. Even the water we drink is mostly acidic. When the body has more acidic than alkaline, all kinds of sickness will breed inside. So this Vinok shoeld helps the body to boost its alkalinity, thereby boosting the immune system too. Its one of the drinks that I took to stay healthy. I take it each morning.
  • Faforon: This is another supplement that I bought. Although this was great when I took it first time, I reserved it for last. Faforon is an immune booster too. It helps the body develop antibodies that can fight diseases. Like I said earlier,I just bought and kept it, to be taken later.

  • Iron Supplement: I take this supplement periodically. Iron is very good for blood production and circulation in the body. The supplement also helps body organs to function well, build energy and stamina. I do not take it everyday. I take this few times in a week to boost my system.
  • Codyceps: Codyceps is produced from mushroom and as a lot of benefits for the body. Apart from boosting the immune system generally, it does other specific functions in the body as shown by this reference work:

Cordyceps is used to treat coughs, chronic bronchitis, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, nighttime urination, male sexual problems, anemia, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, liver disorders, dizziness, weakness, ringing in the ears, unwanted weight loss, and opium addiction. Source

You can see the reasons why i like taking codyceps supplement. The health benefits are many. It even makes one look younger as it performs anti-aging functions.

  • Fruits: I eat a lot of fruits. I ate much more within the period I was not feeling fine. In my city, fruits are cheap and available. Some of the fruits I ate within the period include local apple, carrots, star apple, pear, cucumber. These fruits help me to stay strong and also get vital body nutrients.

So using fruits, supplements and drugs, I was able to regain my health and continue my daily activities.

Important Note: This publication is not health advice in any way. Before taking any drugs or accepting any form of treatment, make sure to consult a health professional.



Health is truly wealth. That is why you need to take good care of your health. Do not wait to feel sick before you take measures to protect your health. Always take your health as priority. And always consult a health practitioner if you anything wrong in your body. Oh - and you need to drink enough water too, that was what @beatybb told me.

I hope to find you in good health when next we meet, Gooodbye!!!!!.


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