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Diary game Season 3: Shopping for Jewelries at Ariaria Market and visiting La Fresh for lunch (05/04/2022.)



Its been a while I write diaries. Friends, welcome once again to my blog page. I hope you are doing great. On Tuesday 5th of April 2022, I engaged in various activities, which included going to shop jewelries at Ariaria International Market and also visiting La Fresh for Lunch. There were other things I did for the day, and that is why I decided to make this diary. I wish to start by telling you how the day began.


Morning Activities

I woke very early that day as usual. By 4.20am, I was already up to check on some of the notifications for Steemalive, our dear community. After replying and clearing the notifications, I went on to check for my personal account and I did same thing. By 5.40am, the rest of my family members were up. So I gathered with all to do our morning worship. We use that precious time to thank God for the gift of life and reflect on some scriptural principle essential for daily living.

After the morning worship, we all went our different ways to face the day. I came back online to continue working. The first thing I did was to make the top 5 posts for the day. Its an important post that I make in the morning to enable members engage with the selected posts. After making the post, I went to take my bath and get ready. i planned to go to Ariaria market to process some orders i got for my Jewelry business. I took breakfast of tea and bread and then left for office.

I arrived the office around 10am and then plugged my laptop, before leaving for the market. By 11am, I was inside the market. I went straight to my jewelry dealer and I selected the Jewelries I wanted. I also took lots of pictures because I had planned to do a business review for my supplier's Jewelry business. After picking the Jewelries and making payment, I left the market. I was really hungry by then.

Selfie inside a jewelry shop, Ariaria.


Afternoon Activities

Once I left the market, I headed straight to La Fresh fast food. I have not been there since this year due to the poor condition of the road. But now things have vastly improved. So I went there to have my lunch. This fastfood restaurant is known to serve fresh and health food. Once I arrive, I decided to take a look and make my choice of what to eat. as expected, I also took pictures of the foods on display as seen below.

Foods on display at La Fresh Restaurant

After going through the menu, I decided to settle for White rice, chicken sauce and moimoi. The 3 combination cost NGN3,050 (15.2 Steem). I really took my time to enjoy the food and rest afterwards. I took the pictures below while enjoying my lunch. La Fresh is really a cool place and I missed coming here for some time now.

White rice, chicken sauce and moimoi

I was really hungry but for the sake of this image, I pretended to be fine making an innocent face. I really enjoyed the meal and rest though. After the meal, I left for the office. Some visitors were already waiting for me.

About to enjoy the meal

Once in the office, I had so many persons already waiting for me. Remember I left office early in the morning. So I atteneded to those that were already waiting for me. @mesonia also came in and I was really happyto see her. She was returning from running some errands. We exchanged pleasantries and even took the selfie I used for this post's thumbnail.

By 4.20pm, I started getting ready to close for the day. I left the office around 530pm.


Evening Activities

I boarded a taxi and dropped at Ngwa road market to buy some fruits as I always do. I bought local apple, carrots and other fruits. I also did some cash withdrawal before heading home. Once at home around, I took my bath and sat down to enjoy my fruits. After that, I rested. Dinner was ready by 7.40pm. I ate and had more rest before resuming to make a post. After the post and chatting with a few friends online, I slept off around 10.20pm. It was aa day full of activities, but I was happy to get everything done.

As I always do, I took my bath once I arrived home. Then I rested, enjoying the fruits as well. I ate dinner 1 hour later. Then by 8.40pm, I chatted with a few friends, then slept off around 9.30pm. That was how my Saturday was spent. It was really eventful.


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