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Congratulations @focusnow! I have officially joined Club 75! It has been a race!



Friends and community members, I am delighted to announce that I have joined club75!!!! This is the result of careful planning and a more disciplined approach to spending. Some would view it as coming late, but then, better later than never. As you can see in the screenshot below, I just powered up 430 Steem few minutes ago and that brought me to this new status. You can also see records of my transactions in the past 2 months.

Power up

Transaction history for two months


Practical Ways to help you achieve Club75

Joining club75 is not really easy, but it is totally achievable. Many many users of steemit have attained this status, so why not you. With the right strategies, you can join club75, or even take it further to club100. Here are a few tips that helped me:

1. Make a Plan based on your transaction records: This is basically the first step. Each user's account transaction history is unique, so your planning will be based on your history. When checked how much I transferred and how much I powered up, I worked out that the best time to join the club would be by 25th February, which is today. So the planning and determining the date was the first step.
2. Limit your Transfers: This is another big factor to consider. Constantly transferring your earnings, while aiming to join club75 will not be easy. So you need to limit your outward transfers to a bare minimum. In fact, I recommend you do not transfer anything until you joined. That was what I did from the 17th of January 2022. I stopped all transfers till date.

3. Power-up everything: That was the next thing I did. I powered up all my earnings till date - yes till I joined club75. We have seen some users stop making transfers, but also reserve some SBD in the wallet. It does not help at all. Keeping liquid Steem or SBD in your wallet hampers your speed of joining club75 because the earnings are recorded, but no corresponding power ups. So if you can do it, power up everything until you join club75.

4. Try to earn More: This is very important. As you increase your earnings, you will be able to have something to power up. One important thing is consistency. Do not stop making at least 1 post each day. Participate in contests a lot as they give you the opportunity to earn liquid steem, and earn from your contest post. You can always check @disconnect for a collection of ongoing contests or visit the #contest tag. When you earn more by producing quality content consistently, you will find it easy to power up consistently.

5. Buy Steem: I actually did that to get to club75. As you can see from this screenshot, I bought 240 Steem from Binance yesterday to complete my expected powerup.


So if you have spare money, why not buy Steem from any exchange and power it up. In that way, you will shorten the time it would have taken you to get to club75. I can assist you learn how you can do this.

6. Swap your Tron Many users have left their Tron to accumulate over time in their Steem Wallet. Why not put that fund to good use by swapping it for Steem and powering up. It is very easy to do that. Check this tutorial where we explained how to do that:

Right now, Steem is bigger in value than Tron, so you may not expect huge Steem after the swap. However, in this race to club75/club100, every drop of Steem matters - even 1 Steem. So go through the tutorial above and master how to swap your tron for Steem. Do it and power up.


Why Join Club75/Club100

There are many reasons to want to join club75 or club100. I will list a few:

  • Get Support from the Steemit Team: You can greatly increase your possibility of getting support from @steemcurator01 by joining at least club75. Votes are not guranteed. However, those in club75 or club100 have higher chances of getting voted by the team than those in club5050.
  • Get voted with more: The voting percentage allocated to those in club75 or club100 is far higher than those in club5050. For example, if you write cryptoacademy assignments, you will get bigger value votes if you are in club 75 or club100
  • Build your Influence: Wouldnt you like to grow your voting power and consequently earn more through curation. When you join club75 or club100, you are powering up more of your earnings. As such, you are growing your influence on this platform
  • Make Steem Better: If you would like to see a healthier steem price in the market, you need to join club75 or club100. When large number of users are constantly selling off their steem, it negatively affects the price of steem. So lets make steem value grow over time, by joining club75 or better club100


How we are helping you achieve Club75/Club100 Status

As an admin in SteemALive community, I and my team have rolled out projects to reward you more as you join the race to club75/Club100. This is our way to support you make it. So take advantage of the following:

  • Level-Up: We use this project to check how much you powered weekly, then we reward you with some steem at the end of the week. Here is the one for week 2. Just do a screenshot of your power up at the beginning of the week and drop it as a comment under this post.

SteemAlive Presents Level-up: Tracking your Club75/Club100 progress and Supporting you! Week 2 ( plus week 1 winners)

  • Club75/Club100 Exclusive Top 5 Posts: Each Saturday and Sunday, we pick our top 5 posts exclusively from our members in club75 or club100. You can see the last weekend's selection below:

SteemAlive Presents: Our top 6 Post exclusively from club75 or Club100 Participants!image.png

Club75/CLub100 Exclusive Weekly Contests: Every Monday, we do a contest strictly for those in club75 or club100. You can see the contest for this week below:

**SteemAlive Presents: Role Models. Contest Prize 30 Steem + 10 Steem Bonus (Club75/Club100 Exclusive)


Accessing your Webmail, Sending Mail and a little on Webmail Applications. (10% to Steemalive)

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