United Steem

United we stayed

Our platform in our cryptocurrency's Legacy Will go to Technology breakthrough Evolution.
Pay platform is just one step to the moon. Dream about de centralized platform has been lingering for many many years. Or community went Throughout ups and downs. It just like a phoenix from ash steem has risen and start growing again. Platform has reached the limit and it's normal thing to think about the next step.
SteemPay is resolving many problems of stagnation.
Obstacles are old framer mentality and established focus on maintance within old technology and pathways.
Platform is anchored in one spot without real purpose in crypto community if not given mobility and agility to be transportable within binary formulas and outside of it.
Think of it as golden box. It is golden made but it is still just a box.
Moving from box mentality outward to new shapes and forms is natural thing to do.
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Whenever I read these lines the one and only personality come to mind is Respected Sir @dobartim 😊 yes on steemit I am following and closely learning from him about many topics 😊

04.05.2021 23:10