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Introducing Flezer Tribe Powered by Flezer Token on Steem-Engine

We bring good tidings to Steemians far and wide. We are excited to officially announce the introduction of Flezer community as a tribe on this platform. Recently, we have seen the emergence of different tribes coming out with their whitepapers, visions, missions and covering diverse niches/tags to the delight of the people who believe in them.

We started out as Blockchain Chapel, supporting and curating Christian articles as well as articles that promote good morals on the platform. After a series of meetings as a team, we have come to the agreement that Flezer will not only be supporting Christian posts from henceforth. The token will now also support motivational, and inspirational articles as well as posts that edify good morals. This will help us to cover areas that other tribes may have overlooked. The Flezer community will be supported by Flezer tokens which are already on Steem-engine.

What to Expect.

We have seen the way other tribes have made their distributions and/or airdrops and traced it back to the genesis which is Palnet. You know what they say, family comes first. This is why the first wave of airdrop is to members of the community that have supported us by using the following tags: #blockchainchapel, #christian-trail, #christianity, #flaminghelpers, #inspiration, and #motivation. Also, they must have Pal staked on Steem-engine. This is to show our continuous support and respect for Pal. If you have been using the tags listed above and have Pal staked, kindly drop a comment under this post and you will get Flezer-ed (A new word that means, you just got Flezer tokens in your wallet). Airdrop will continue till we reach the maximum number of people (10000 steemians). You can also come to our discord server and discuss with the team about any concern, observation and/or conclusion.

This is basically our announcement post, we are working tirelessly and our Flezer-paper (commonly known as the white paper) will be out shortly to highlight our plans, economics and, target with the community. Our front-end website is coming out soon and we can’t wait to unveil it to you all. You will have a Flezerly feeling when it is launched.

In the meantime, we will like to do our distribution and our tribe manually. Token distribution, posting sorting and rating will be done manually. We have set up a curation team headed by @ammyluv, a post rating team headed by @mosunomotunde, and distribution team headed by @imbigdee.

Flezer (FLZ) is a token that can be used to send incentives to quality Christian, motivational, inspirational and good moral content creators, who missed the Trending Page of STEEM based DAPPS. Use any of the following tags #flezer #christian-trail #steemchurch #christianity #itestify #motivation #inspiration and we will find you and send you incentives based on your content rating.

How do we earn Flz?

You can earn Flz simply by making an awesome post using the aforementioned tags. Remember, this manual process allows us to pick the best of the best, so be at your best because we plan to reward only the best.

You can join our discord server here, apply for a role and get paid weekly.

Can I earn Flz without posting?

You can simply buy flz in the market on Steem-Engine. You can join our constant activities airdrop in the discord server.

How will Flz be issued initially?

There are 10 million tokens available for distribution as shown below:

  • 1 million tokens will go for @flezertoken account for curation and to @noflezer4u to curb improper use of the tag when the front end is set.
  • Our curators, team members, and moderators will share 1 million tokens which will be used in accordance with their different tasks for the tribe.
  • 500 thousand tokens will be airdropped to 10000 people that have met the criteria written above.
  • 100 thousand set aside as compensation and as part of the airdrop to those who have Flezer Token on BTS, we will like to burn bts tokens completely from existence. Instruction will be published on this account on how to proceed.
  • 1.4 million will be sold in the market for Steem to powerup @flezertoken account to offset unforeseen contingencies that may arise and maintain the tribe expenses.
  • The remaining 5 million tokens will be used for diverse tasks which will be divulged when the flezer paper is out.

Further Information

Expect more information from us until the airdrop is complete. As stated above, the amount you will receive as airdrop will vary according to the different dynamics.

We plan to have flezerminer six months after the tribe front end is set, and token burn to reduce it in circulation. So stay connected.


Once again, stay connected as we bring good tidings to your doorstep one at a time. Thank you for reading. See Flezer Steem-Engine MArket link here:


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