Vaccine objectors getting fired?

I think this will become more common as time goes on. I think businesses have the right to want their client facing staff in high risk, high spreading positions to be vaccinated if they aren't allergic or else find other employment. And polling seems to indicate enough vaccine refusal in the US that some especially vulnerable industries may need to have vaccine mandates. Nursing home worker vaccine refusal is currently at around 60%. That will be untenable for the safety of nursing home residents that may not be able to get vaccinated or may have weaker vaccine immune responses.

For what it is worth, there were 6 people that got pregnant after vaccination in the Moderna trials with no adverse effects. They also tested the 100 μg dose in rats that got pregnant after and had no adverse effects. Pfizer had 12 people that got pregnant after vaccination in their trials and no adverse effects as well. And there is evidence now that the antibodies from the vaccinated cross the placenta. Over 10,000 pregnant women have received the vaccines with no serious adverse effects seen. The mRNA vaccines don't use live virus, or even inactivated virus. And there hasn't ever been a demonstrated risk of non-live virus vaccines to pregnancies, which is why pregnant women are not contraindicated to get vaccinated for any vaccine. In fact some vaccines are specifically encouraged when conceiving.

Pregnant women face higher risk of severe disease and higher chance of infection from the virus. And infection has a higher chance of causing preterm birth.

It just doesn't make sense to be putting a concern about fertility that has no evidence or any theoretical basis ahead of the real benefits of vaccination for pregnancies and personal safety.

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