How will future movies paint the year(s) 2020/2021?


When future filmmakers make movies set in 2020/2021, what will be the narrative backdrop?

A. Loved ones dying left and right while an intransigent state refuses to take action (Think the backdrop of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where Fudge refuses to acknowledge a problem when there very clearly is a problem).

B. People losing their jobs and livelihood left and right while they contemplate suicide and the state keeps attacking phantoms (Think the Crucible where people keep accusing everyone of being a witch and there's just enough appearance of evidence that the community is willing to sit by while an inquisition runs the show).

C. A Combination of everything where there is a serious threat combined with loss of livelihood and general despair below combined with ineptitude above (Think some zombie apocalypse movie or miniseries like Stephen King's the Stand where there's a lethal outbreak and the government makes thinds worse by covering it up and using an authoritarian hand to try to curtail something they never had control of to begin with).

D. Neither option. It'll be a comedy movie where someone's wedding getting canceled is the butt of a joke or people complain about everything being on Zoom and it's all in good fun but no particularly devastating points (Think Forrest Gump or something where serious historical events are occurring but it's still lighthearted and the drama comes more from the characters than the events).

E. All of the Above. We'll never reach a societal consensus about 2020/2021 and every current interpretation will be passed down through pop culture forever.

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