APX is Live! πŸ“Έ The Holy Grail of the Steem ecosystem has finally arrived: After ...

... exactly 107 weeks since the official announcement, we are able to use the amazing @appics mobile application and actually earn the native APX token, that was promised a span of 750 days ago. In Gematria, a branch of Kabbalah, 107 equals "Holy Grail" in the English cipher, fitting for the first ever announced Smart Media Token. The span of 750 days equals "In the blink of an eye" in the mystical Jewish Gematria cipher and even though the wait was long, from the perspective of the now, it indeed felt like merely a blink ago.

APX is now a Steem Engine token, as Steemit has not been able to deliver on their promise yet, even though SMTs were announced shortly BEFORE Appics.
It should be mentioned that SMTs are now in their Beta phase. However, I appreciate that the Appics team has decided to run with Steem Engine for now, which has been widely adopted by the Steem community. This will allow all of us to access and trade the tokens on the already established platform from the @steemmonsters aka Splinterlands creators, who have been pushing the entire blockchain through the valley of the crypto winter.

The Appics app is out for over a year now and is basically a clone of Instagram. Since they didn't have their own token until today, it has been seen rather skeptical by some Steemians, who don't like to see large Steem payouts for merely a photo. I hope this will change now, as the main earning source for Appics users will now switch to the APX token. It works just like Steem or any Steem tribe, like PAL, LEO or SPT and has its own inflation pool with voting power, if you have APX staked in your account. This is huge: Instagram is one of the most popular apps among the younger generation, who wouldn't touch Facebook - or Steemit! And rightfully so, as images are speaking louder than any written word ever could. Appics looks gorgeous and has a team of amazing people behind it, who are equally brilliant and beautiful minds. There is not a single project in the world that I trust more than this one, since I have met the team in person. These young people are ready to change the world. And I am ready to follow them all the way. Are you?3448ae3824695ad5a7688d01a9a96ead

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Wow thank you so much for your support and believe in the project! Also the numerology you mentioned is super interesting, thank you for sharing that information πŸ™πŸΌ now that the new update is out we can finally start rewarding content creators, build a strong community to support young talents and introduce a new generation to blockchainπŸš€πŸ”₯🎊😊

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Thanks flauwy for your support since day one and your kind words! Really interesting to learn about the numerology from today as well. Last year we meditated together at 11/11 in Warsaw and this November APX is finally live! See you again soon! πŸ’œ

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Thanks for good news, and some interesting facts on all the numbers. Upvoted from my several accts, from my ALT for Appics too.

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Thanks fir good news. You been the first to tell me ... :) Upvoted

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100% UPVOTE my boy FLAUWY with an APPPIC Post today :))

Love ya :p

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How to get APX? We reward to upload in apics?

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You can only get APX power when you have invested into the ICO last year. There is also APX on the Steem Engine market but you will have to wait before you can add it to you Appics wallet. You can also create Appics posts and earn appics through upvotes from the APX power holders.

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Finally its here that's pretty cool time to appics now

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You've made me a believer! Going to go out and check this out. :)

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This picture is SICK !!!! πŸ™Œ Could I use it for an introducing post about Appics later on?

13.11.2019 17:43

Sure! Here, use a high-res version for your post:

APX 1.jpg

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That's a pretty awesome photo of my friend. Happy to be part of the launching with this platform!!

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