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Hello!! Is anyone here?


I have been away for close to four years, certainly I thought that by the time I came back to Steem it would be unrecognizable from so much progress. I would be lost in the new and modern things that the community would have done with it by now and lost in so much new content.

Turns out that 4 years later, Steem is still as immature and as infantile as it was then. Nothing has changed or should I say nothing seems to have evolved. I went to the chat hoping to connect with old friends and simply found a message saying that large parts of the community had left, accusing the remaining half of being a fraud.

Shit party.jpg

I have no idea what may have happened, when I left back then there was already mud slinging back and forth between the founders and some initial members of the community. It seems the mud slinging progressed to a full on brick laying that led to a wall that divided the community, now as crypto hits the mainstream and projects are being developed left and right, this one innovative idea of Steemit seems to have stalled into an inbred out of touch family. I am speaking as someone who has been gone a while, I can't point fingers as I was not here to help in the healing or community building, but sure wish someone would help me piece the details of what happened.


Feel free to share any useful info in the comments that might shed some light as to why in a world of so many innovative tokens and so many revolutionary projects, Steemit looks like an abandoned Amish community.

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