Anti - Ageing Skincare Routine For YOUTHFUL & GLOWING Skin!

Sun spots, fine lines, dark circles & uneven skin tone, are early signs of ageing. Here are 3 tips that can transform the way your skin will look and feel in the years ahead. Look for cleansers that have two major ingredients Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA & Retinol Boosters. CLA is a natural ingredient that helps skin retain its moisture and Retinol Boosters increase collagen production. which is important in the battle against fine lines and wrinkles. The Ponds’ Age Miracle Cell Regenerating Facial Foam is a good choice, it has both these ingredients & so is able to cleanse the skin thoroughly, and eventually help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Just squeeze out a small amount of foam onto clean & wet palms & gently massage it onto your face. The foam actually consists of tiny granules that gently micro-exfoliate your skin as well. Wash off with water and gently pat dry. Your skin is now protected. The right lifestyle can do wonders for your skin, inside & out. Enlist food as a weapon in your fight against ageing. Go easy on processed food and make healthy fats like Omega - 3s your best friend. You’ll find Omega 3 in salmon, eggs, olive oil and nuts. If you’re consistent, you’ll see the difference. A 60 minute workout, doesn’t just help keep you fit, or shed some extra weight, it will also help tighten and tone your skin and prevent it from sagging as you get older. While it seems obvious, it’s usually ignored Sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours every night is crucial. When we sleep, our skin goes into repair mode and starts healing itself. To give your skin some added help, try to sleep on your back as sleeping for too long on the side can cause sleep lines and wrinkles overtime. Excess sun exposure single handedly accelerates visible signs of ageing & leaves skin dry and dehydrated. So to protect against this, it’s important to use a day cream, preferably one with sun protection factor or SPF built in. The Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream is a multi-purpose cream that hydrates, nourishes & the added spf further protects the skin. After cleansing your face, apply the cream as small dots directly to the face & neck. Never rub the cream in your hands, since that wastes a lot of product & dilutes the effectiveness. Now, using your fingers, gently massage the cream upwards into the skin. This helps the cream absorb quickly & evenly. So follow these steps and never let age change you, instead change the way you age. Until time, stay tuned & stay GLAMRS.

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