This movie caught me by surprise a bit. I have not been able to get this movie out of my head sense I seen it.

So this movie kicks off as this troubled individual named Arthur, who just has a REALLY hard life.

As things began to unfold things began to get worst, almost now like the world is CLEARLY against him.

Then He meet his hero, the one person that gave his life meaning, the one person who he wanted to be like

Only for his heroes to straight up trash him on live television.

It was at that moment he snapped

Now nothing applies anymore, Now everything began to make sense to him (Justice)

He began to embrace his darkside and he loves it, he got a taste of what he thinks is vengence.

I believe this movie is a great personification of the fall of gotham as well as a little more insight on the Jokers One Bad Day Origin story from the comic book. Sure none of this stuff in this movie happened in the comic book, but to see the One Bad Day theory of this origin in a movie gives me more insight on just how far someone can be pushed until their sanity is broken.

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