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Today I might be the incredible shrinking woman

Today was yet another day of rest for me, while praying this edema will finally heal. I am now taking a full dose of medicine each 18 hours and this is seeming to help drain some of the fluid out.

I got the new set of meds almost a week ago, and have been very good on my timing with it since then. It is completley exhausting and I am dehydrated with cracked lips now, and I was not sure it was working. I think my gut is smaller now, but my legs are still tree trunks.

But last night I had to go out for water and made a bit of a longer trip to get some kind of different and cheap food. I found this egg sandwich for 2.5 RM which is 62 cents usd!


The cart that sells this sandwich is right outside my condo gate at night. I will get this when I see it now as it was very good. There are a lot of veggies and a slice of pineapple along with the egg and spicy sauce. I do not eat much bread, but the bun was toasted and yummy too.

Before I went out, I decided to see if I could wear my regular shoes. Look! Here they are on my feet :)


They fit pretty well, and were so much easier to walk in than the sandals I have had to use recently. This feels like progress, and I need to keep going.

After this short walk last night and after eating the sandwich, I have mostly been in bed for the last 24 hours. I will post and reply a bit now, go back to bed, and then go out for more water when I wake up.

I have to keep drinking as much as possible, but I cannot carry too much water in each time. If the fluid is trying to drain out, I need to keep priming the pump!

I will need to get money out of STEEM ASAP and get a new set of the meds in about 2 days. I hope this will be the last time I need to pay this cost and that I will be healthy after that.

My rent of $100 usd is due tomorrow and how much do I have? Zero! Ergh... So much for doing better financially in 2020. I know I would get good post payouts if I posted more. But I have to be in better health as a top priority. One hour in this chair, and I blow up like a balloon again.

This post is for the weekly “What does today mean to you?” contest by @freedomshift for ccc. Today I am filled with hope and resolve to come back to health.

I took the photos for this post with my cell phone.

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