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Bangkok Dinner Rush Street Food


Near MRT Sutthisan, this was one of the many places I could get dinner when I was living in Bangkok Thailand for a few years.

The lady in the pink shorts has fermented pork balls at 10 for 60 cents usd. The one in the hood has sweet roti I never got. Spicy mixed Thai dishes are sold by the man on the right, and the bright light indicates fabulous grilled chicken in several preparations.

These four stalls are only a tiny fraction of the many lining this corner near the exit from the MRT station. If that is not enough there are three 24 hour 711’s and a Tesco for anything else you might need.

Most Thai city people eat from stalls like this for almost every meal and do not cook at home. Often they do not have a kitchen, and don’t use it if they do have one. Street food is cheaper and easier and gives sufficient variety to people on their way to and from work. Why waste time shopping and cooking when everything you need is on your daily route?

This same area had different stalls in the morning and others going late into the night. I would come here for bbq liver on a stick at 3 am and need to wait in line.

The police would come for these dinner vendors on occasion and make them get out of the actual street. Then the selection was limited for a couple of days until everyone returned to their normal spots.

This post is my entry for the weekly Street Photography Contest by @derangedcontests. Show us the scene you can capture, and you can enter too.

I used a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera for this photo.

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