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My 2019: The last 2019 Showcase Weekend: Some Photo Posts I Published with Low Payouts

While I was on the road to stay legal with Thai Immigration, the traffic came to a standstill for at least 30 minutes one afternoon. This shot brings back my anxiety of wondering if I will make it to the office on time. As usual, I was renewing my stamp on the last day possible.

The best thing to do when life gives a curve ball is to take photos. I was glad to get this shot of a man crossing the pedestrian bridge much faster than we were moving down below.

Post Payout: $0.85

Traffic Not Moving Bangkok Thailand

= =

One of my last shots of California was entered in a contest by @socalsteemit. This is a very typical scene of life there as I waiting to ride the San Diego Trolley. I like this photo for the color and clarity. The 711 is much farther away than it looks in this shot.

Post Payout: $0.30

San Ysidro California Trolley Stop View

= =

I did not know that Cambodian children spend their lives begging everywhere until I spent a week in Phnom Penh. They approach you at tourist attractions, as you eat, and when you get in and out of tuk tuks.

This tiny girl was the first I encountered as I ate my first meal at a street stall. She never said a word and I did not give her money since I had no idea she was begging.

Post Payout: $0.44

Cambodian Child Neoxian City Photo Challenge

= =

This post is my entry for a contest by @anomadsoul and @blocktrades:

CONTEST! | My 2019: The last 2019 Showcase Weekend | Hundreds of Steem in Prizes

For this contest we are asked to present 3 good posts we published from 2019 and review them. They should have gotten low rewards at the time, so these three qualify!

Additionally, there is a requirement for a tweet. You will see my tweet linked in the comments below.

Everyone who joins this contest will win, as long as you follow all the steps properly, so go ahead a find your good posts! This is a year end STEEM bonus, and I am so grateful for it :)

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