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My 2019: Achievements and Failures Recap

2019 has been a good year for me. All years - and days - are good for me as long as I am here breathing and living to try again.


This week's year-end @blocktrades contest asks us to give a wrap up of our achievements and failures for this year. Here are some highlights of my year with a heavy focus on STEEM, since that is where most of my effort and attention goes 24/7/365.


Creating my @fitinfunfood blog

I wanted to get the topic of "Food" off my main blog and into its own.

As a weight loss success story, I work to help others with coaching, blogging and books. But as a formerly life-long obese person, food is not my favorite topic. And so, without a special place to blog about food, I just did not do it for the first year and a half I was STEEMing.

I opened @fitinfunfood on Jan 1 2019, and it has been a good success. Now @fitinfun can focus on other things. My food blog has a good following, blogs food, and keeps me on track.

I hemmed and hawed about this idea and put it off many times before I finally pulled the trigger. I'm glad I finally went with my gut and will continue with renewed vigor in 2020.

Posting good content and growing three blogs

I also have my @bxlphabet blog here, where I post STEEMLeo type topics and dPolls. I'm happy and proud to say all three of my current blogs have been active and are doing well. They each have their niches and stick to them.

I had 750 sp on two blogs at the beginning of 2019. I have 1750 sp on 3 blogs now. I count this as a win and will keep working to grow here.


Attending STEEMFest in Bangkok

A big highlight of my year was winning the conference fee to STEEMFest in Bangkok. I am so glad I got to attend. Everything about that trip was positive, and I have so many great connections and new opportunities since then. STEEMFest 2020 - here I come, and I have already started saving for it.

Becoming a @tipu curator

I was nominated for this tipu job by @amico, and I am so grateful to him. I'm one of the top @tipu curators now, and take this honor very seriously.

I seek posts with less than $1 in post payouts to boost. I look in about 15 tags and I have no trouble finding great posts to boost each day.

I can give 4-5 votes a day that are close to $1. I try to use all of my votes each day and usually make it. The day turns over at 11 am for me and this is a new STEEM deadline I need to make. The posts are out there, now I need to make sure to find them and do my tipu tasks.

After I tipu, I boost the same posts in other places I have access to on STEEM and cross my fingers waiting to see if anyone big will come after my tipu.

So far so good! I have had a lot of success seeing the posts I boost get to payouts of over $5, $10, and even in one case $40 when blocktrades came in behind me at 100%.

@tipu does curator ranking stats in 10 day cycles. So I look at all of my boosted posts like children and hope they will all go very high. This is not a lucrative activity for my blog, but helping great posts with tiny rewards grow to having great rewards is one of the most satisfying things I do on STEEM now.

My fitinfun vote is 2 cents. Being able to send votes for $1 is a big thrill!



I did not keep my health

I've had a lot of illness for most of 2019. This has not been easy to get through and causes a lot of stress in many ways. I can't work well, need to rest a lot, and don't accomplish what I want to when I am in poor health.

These health problems are an unacceptable disturbance to my routine and I am determined to turn this ship around in 2020. More natural health! Less feeling bad and having to go back to bed!

Failing to blog travel regularly

I have the plan to blog about travel, since this is what I do in my nomadic life. As a 60 year old person with few resources who flung myself out into the world, I know this is inspiring to many people.

This has been a failing of mine from the start. I have the material, people are interested, and @travelfeed is very supportive. I can post about destinations, tips, tutorials, and motivation. So why, oh why am I not on my travel game?

I don't want to talk about my excuses. I vow here to make my STEEM travel blogging a success story for 2020.


I did not meet everyone at STEEMFest

Before I went, I had the idea and plan to meet everyone who also attended STEEMFest. I thought this would not be hard. I was wrong. I did not even meet half of the people and some that I missed were people I really wanted to meet.

This is partially because I was exhausted and not in my best health on the STEEMFest dates. I also did not have a good plan of even how to meet all those people. I will do better next year.

In Conclusion

I have many more failures and successes this year, but I want to keep this post in check. The first that came to my mind are the most important anyway if you believe in the power of our minds to create reality.

On to 2020 with great hopes, better health, and better plans. May this be the best year ever for all of us.

All photos in this post were taken by me. I either used a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera or my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone to take them.

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