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I wish I was gutless and hope I soon will be

before and after stomach poster fitinfun.jpg

The shot on the left above was taken by my son when I was first starting my weight loss journey in 2007. I was taking photos of myself at my worst so I would have them later. He hated doing this for me and now I can see why.

The photo on the right is from 2012 - the year after I lost "half my size." That year I was hospitalized 4 times and this is me in a rehab, trying to get my strength back after a few weeks in the hospital once again. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and took this photo to show that no matter how thin I was, I was still sick all the time, and I still had my gut.

Today I look more like the photo on the left. The edema I have has given me this gigantic gut again but it is all lower. The rib area is still thin, and the lower gut is sticking out like a spare tire. I look like a freak! The part of my gut swollen with edema is also hard as a rock and quite painful.

I am happy to say that it is a bit smaller today after taking diuretics for about 5 days now. My biggest underwear were very tight and now feel somewhat loose.

I'm exhausted from the pills and the constant running to the bathroom, but it's better than the alternative. At least my body is starting to function again after many weeks of just taking in fluid and not releasing it.

Adding more comedy to my situation is that I am once again late on my rent and without food or money. The weeks of illness have stopped me from posting well on STEEM, and now I pay the price. Or maybe I don't pay the price due to lack of funds.


"Better days are coming."

I hear you, Mom, and I will not give up.

My post today is for the daily freewrite by @mariannewest. Today we have the prompt of "gutless" so I can keep talking about my health.

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