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I'm resolving to improve my books on Amazon Kindle in 2020


My most important resolutions for 2020 are regarding the books I have published on Amazon Kindle, and those I plan to publish this year.

I have made the decision to get serious about this stream of income in 2020 and have many plans to accomplish this.

The Resolutions:

  • spend 30 minutes each day writing new books.
  • spend 30 minutes each day improving books already published.
  • spend 30 minutes each day with the publishing tasks for new books.

NOTE: When I say "each day" above, I mean 4-6 days a week for the entire year. I think the "writing" part will actually be daily though. I already write daily, and it is just a matter of making sure I am on the right topic each day.

Here are some details about these resolutions:

My current books

There are several things I can do to improve the sales of my current books.

  • each published book needs to be edited on the Amazon platform every 90 days. Just a small tweak to the title, keywords or descriptions gives Amazon a fresh look at the book as they "re-publish" it. I have done this many times since my books were published in 2014, but not lately. I know that if I do this every 90 days, I will have 10%-25% more book sales over the year's time.
  • each published book needs to be updated as to content. This is a tedious and time consuming re-edit, but it really needs to be done. Each book refers to many web resources that may not even be there now, and needs to be updated for new web links that might be better.
  • each published book needs a new cover. I am supposed to have a "look" and a "brand" so that you know these books are all by the same person. Take a look at my four covers in the posterr above, and you will see a big fail in this area!
  • each published book needs the series books related to it to be published as well. This will allow all to do better in sales. This was my original plan , and who knows why I have dropped the ball for so many years.

New books to publish

I have several different series of books part way written already. These are in niches relating to the books I already have, and also in niches completely unrelated. I am nothing if not prolific! All these words can be published and should be.

The related books would be in the some author profile you see above, which is all in the "Health" genre.

The unrelated books are not health related, and will be published under a "pen name." This is a common Amazon tactic and they have a method for you to have different pen names for the same author profile.

In Conclusion

I know that if I devote this time to my books, I will have a good passive income stream for years to come. As bad as they are now, my books sell each month, and I already get a small royalty payment 60 days later. In all the years since I have published, I have only missed 1-2 months of making this income.

All of my books are non-fiction in series and are meant to help my readers solve problems in their lives. This is what I like to do, and really have no excuse for not publishing.

I have been meaning to increase the number of books I have published for many years. 2020 is going to be the year my goal is realized and will lead to even more success in following years.

I will blog this process on STEEM as the months go on. I hope you will follow along or participate if you have your own books published.

My post today is for @qurator's Monday Mission Contest where they are asking about our 2020 resolutions this week. What have you resolved to do this year? Let us know and you might win!

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