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I'm Not Defeated - Still Fighting Edema with Natural Methods

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Last night the edema I have been suffering with was so bad that it made me start to cry. I am not a person who cries often, and this was a wake up call.

Earlier is the day a friend came by to bring me some supplies. She goes to my church and I started to tell her I was so sorry for not coming recently, since they always make accommodation for any illness I have. She said, "You can't come to church! You cannot even bend your legs!"

This was another moment in the day that made me realize how bad things have gotten. The edema is mostly gone above my waist now, but it was so bad in my legs yesterday that I had no range of motion in my knees. I was having to kind of throw myself down to get to a sitting position and then my feet would fly out in front of me. Good grief!

I wracked my brain to see when else I could do to try to fix this. I'm on at least the 6th week of edema now and the stress on my body needs to end soon.

I came upon the idea of looking at "easy" exercises for your lower body. I ended up finding many aimed at helping "Seniors." I'm 60 now, so I guess I qualify!

These are the videos I found that are helping now. They are short and get the blood flow going. I am doing the two of them three times a day for the foreseeable future.

These are fairly easy for me and are a warm up.

These are quite difficult now. When they become easy, I should be on the mend.

And here is a video I filmed in Vietnam when I was on a Visa Trip. Walking on uneven ground is very helpful on any day, and especially now. I do have some grassy places like this on my condo property. I am making sure to walk there when I go get water each day.

Here is my Stretching Playlist on You Tube:

And here is my Edema playlist on You Tube

I am working through both of these to try to improve.

My son took this photo when I was about 60 pounds from my goal weight in 2011. He was so shocked I could climb up a cliff at the beach and wanted to keep the moment. Look at those baggy clothes!!! I was losing weight so fast at this time, that I could not keep up with shopping.

eight years Carlsbad Cliffs 2011 192 pounds.jpg

I plan to get another shot like this when my edema is only a bad memory :)

The photo at the top of the shot is my walking leg taken by accident while working out one day. It happened with one of my cheap point and shoot cameras, but I do not remember which one.

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