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Fighting a Feeling of Futility

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Earlier today I wrote a post asking for help as I am suffering from health and financial problems yet again. It seems like this is never going to end, and a miracle would be good about now.

After I wrote my post, I went out for water and food. I took the shortest and "easiest" path I have and it really kicked my butt. Now I am doing laundry after sleeping a few hours.

Prior to STEEMFest I started a challenge for myself to try to do better and have had some good results. I have been listening to podcasts in the self help genre, and they do work to get me motivated. But right now I feel too sick to follow through.

One tip I got is to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING when you are in a slump. The smallest accomplishment can lead to more. So this is what lead to the laundry today. I think that is a small enough accomplishment, but it was needed and will help me in the coming days.

The edema I have is odd and centered in my trunk. When in bed, I feel like I am lying on a basketball which is really swollen flesh. It's kind of scary since I have not had anything like this before. I'm drinking as much as I can and nothing is coming out. I know I would be on a catheter and inter-venous fluids if I was in a hospital right now. But at this point, I can only do the natural remedies I know of and pray for the best.

My post is for the weekend freewrite by @mariannewest with the prompt of "futility." Presumably tomorrow will be a better day, and I sure hope so.

I used a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera for this ambulance photo. On this day, a catastrophe was happening at one of my neighbor's houses back in California.

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